Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Leap of destiny

We went down to check the fish run at the hatchery today. Thousands of sockeye salmon are poised to leap up the fish ladders, and swim up river to complete their destiny on earth. They have had a hazardous journey thus far. It takes them many weeks to swim from the Pacific Ocean, up the Skeena River, all the while dodging avid fishermen, ravenous bears and eagle claws. Finally they have reached their home river to pair off and spawn. This is their defining moment, their lives have been dedicated to this one act and then they will die.

After such a trial it was sad to see those that didn't make it, dead and dying, drifting in the water, food for the scavengers. Even in death the salmons function is not ended, for it feeds a whole chain of wildlife, and should the salmon not run, not spawn, and not die, many other animals would die also.

I thought about my life, will I fulfill my destiny, will I see the danger ahead and take the right action? Will what I do now make that much difference, will the seeds I sow in my life bear fruit or will it be all in vain?

Was this fine tuning in the life and death of the salmon an accident of evolution, or as I believe was it planned by a Supreme Being?

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Nick Smith said...

Vic, what a lovely lifestyle you have. It takes me back to my childhood - I had bid dreams and ambitions (ran away from home at 10 years old to find my way to Canada!) to live there.

And what a lovely site this is too. Like you I believe all things work together for good.