Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Could it be chance?

Astronomer John. D. Barrow wrote in his book 'The Anthropic Cosmological Principle' this comment about water:

Water is actually one of the strangest substances known to science. This may seem a rather odd thing to say about a substance as familiar but it is surely true. Its specific heat, its surface tension, and most of its other physical properties have values anomalously higher or lower than those of any other known material. The fact that its solid phase is less dense than its liquid phase (ice floats) is virtually a unique property. The fact that ice floats allows aquatic life to exist in cold temperature zones.

These aspects of the chemical and physical structure of water have been noted before, for instance by the authors of the 'Bridgewater Treatises' in the 1830s and by Henderson in 1913, who also pointed out that these strange properties make water a uniquely useful liquid and the basis for all living things

Intelligent Design

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