Thursday, October 12, 2006

Driving slow

We stayed out a bit later in town than we usually do and had to drive back in the dark. We crawled along at 45km/hr because of the moose. They are so hard to see because they are slow moving, and will stand in the middle of the road, or just at the side and will often turn right into your path.

We saw a mother and twins crossing the road in front of us, and later on another two. If we had been travelling any faster we would have hit them. Since they can weigh up to 1500 lbs or more and are tall they would slide onto the front of the vehicle or onto the top and the weight would crush the vehicle.

It is probably fortunate that in this part of the world there are none of the city lures, like movies and nightclubs to keep us out at night.

Our area is moose wintering ground. They come down from the mountains and hang around near the lake. They like to lick the salt on the road after the snow graders have gone by and forage on the willow trees.

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