Monday, October 23, 2006

Birds that visit us

We have a who comes and visits us quite often and it has a repotoire of sounds it makes. It was sitting on the deck fence going through them this morning.

If you are looking for a bird who can make eagle calls, squealing brakes, dog barks, to name a few I can direct you.

I love the chickadees that come to the feeder, they take one seed at a time and fly back to the safety of the trees to eat it, hammering away at the sunflower seed until they get the meat inside. I also have a lump of suet hanging by the feeder and the woodpeckers like to come and take a beakful.

I think my favourite birds visting us at this time of year are the Whiskey Jacks or Grey Jays. They are a very handsome bird and can get quite tame.

It is wonderful to be able to sit in the morning with my husband, enjoy our coffee and watch the antics of the birds. It is part of retirement which we both enjoy.

God has certainly put a lot of variety on the earth.

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