Saturday, October 14, 2006

Night Fishing

We went fishing for Ling Cod last night standing on the end of the barge that is used to cross the lake during the day. We counted two shooting stars, and had a display of the Northern Lights and also saw a couple of satellites go over, they seemed to wobble as they travel but apparently it is the atmosphere that makes them look like that.

It was freezing, I hadn't put on enough clothes. I didn't catch anything although I felt my rod nudged a few times but my husband caught a nice 5lb cod. We take fillets from the sides. It is a very ugly fish but has a lovely delicate flavour, and lightly breaded and pan fried you can't beat it.

In the winter when the lake freezes over, sometimes the ice is 2ft thick, you can drill a hole and let down your line, seal the hole with packed snow, and come back next morning and you will probably have a ling cod on the line.

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