Monday, October 16, 2006

Silver Ribbons in the Sky

So high up you can hardly see them, the sun glinting on the undersides made them look like a silver ribbon, so high that you can barely hear them honking encouragement to each other as they fly south.

This morning was my first sight, this fall, of the departure of the Canada Goose. From now on there will be hundreds of geese flying over our home, since we are on their flight path. Maybe they will land near you, to winter in warmer climes.

I hate to see them depart, for nothing is more sure now, winter follows them, not that I dislike winter, it has a beauty all its own. We took the dog down for a run by the lakeshore this morning and in the distance you could see the snow capped mountains and the breeze was quite cold, although Annie our dog still went in the water.

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