Saturday, October 07, 2006

They came to die

We went down to the fisheries again this week, there are thousands of salmon still waiting to make their journey up river to spawn, but, since we have not had much rain, the fisheries have decided to hold them back for a while longer.

I don't understand why they mess with nature so much, the salmon have been coming up this way for thousands of years. This is the largest sockeye run in the world and the salmon are running in the hundreds of millions this year. It is the best run in ten years.

Unfortunately, there were lots of dead salmon pushed up against the fishgates, which prevent them from continuing on the journey, and many of the salmon were trying to leap up and over it, but their efforts were futile, and they drop back exhausted, many to die without completing the purpose of their life, which is to spawn and die.

The bald eagles were everywhere, and a grizzly and several black bears also were on the river bank fishing. Seagulls who live on the lake all year round were feasting and little ducks were gamefully pushing their way through the salmon in the river, amazing since you could hardly see the water for the amount of salmon in there.

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