Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Almost finished

In 2000 we bought our present home in central BC, however we had not yet retired, and would be living on Vancouver Island until 2003 when we could finally move. We were delighted when we found someone to rent the place and look after it, we thought, until the magic day when our retirement would start. My husband was so excited about all the fishing and snowmobiling and other things he planned to do, he was like a kid.

We arrived April 7, 2003, there was about 2ft of packed snow and we joyfully plowed through to the front door. What met our eyes was devestation. It seems our renter would come home once a month, in winter, stay about a week and then leave again. Because there was no consistent heat, ice dams formed on the roof. When the warm air rises it melts the snow, and that creates pools which then refreeze and eventually the roofing starts to give. The melt had come down inside the walls and the floor was wet and rotten.

Anyway it is three years later, the whole place has been renewed by my trusty husband, the miracle worker with hammer and nails. Today was the finishing touches, new gleaming white siding. It looks so smart, our little home.

We even had a couple of moose come by and inspect it today, they were mother and yearling calf, wandering up from the ravine to see what the humans were doing.


Nixter said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog :)

Linda_J said...

Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a sweet comment. The fonts were messing up at the time and I was editing like mad--blogger is not wanting to play nice sometimes.

One of the girls in the stash quilters ring is from BC also and we have struck up a friendship. I know she is probably a bit south of you as she is closer to Lynden, Wa and Chilliwack.

mousie said...

hello dear, just bringing you a little warmer air from the west of France...the web is a magical place, isn't it!!!I saw mooses too in Scandinavia, they are really beautiful animals...your blog is very interesting I'll come's so interesting to discover new countries...
see you