Thursday, November 02, 2006

Flying by the seat of my pants

I got a call yesterday morning about 10am from the co-ordinator of a small group. She had booked a speaker to come in to speak on nutrition. It turned out the booked speaker had a bout of bronchitis and would not be coming to the meeting this afternoon. Would I fill in?

Since the speaker in question is a good friend of mine I felt I should go. So I scrambled a few notes together and went. I am not a nutritionist but a self-taught enthusiast and often find I am more on top of the latest research than the professionals. I guess I have more time and less personal bias. I suppose when you have been a professional encouraging a certain way of eating for 20 years and now find it is wrong, it is difficult to admit there has been an error.

Unfortunately there is a rule called "the rule of 20 years". What that means is that it takes 20 years for a culture to change its eating habits, and it takes 20 years of eating a certain way for it to show up in the health of society as a whole, whether for good or bad.

The group was not that big and seemed quite receptive. However, a person can listen and nod, maybe even take notes, shaking your hand as they leave, but if that person doesn't take some responsibilty for themselves the whole talk is time wasted.

Although we need to take care what we put into our mouths, the same goes for what we put into our minds, what we allow our eyes to see and our ears to hear, because if we put in garbage eventually garbage is all we will have left.

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