Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hard to imagine

When I first arrived in Canada I was surprised to learn that women, I suppose some men too, made their own bread, baked cookies, made pickles and did all sorts of things in the kitchen that I had always assumed were done in the stores. All cakes and bakery items were bought when I was growing up, I had assumed that one had to be a professional to even attempt such stuff.

I guess that might be a product of boarding school staff and the home helpers who assisted my stepmother . I did not know how to cook, sew, or do anything even remotely housewifely. I had never picked up a vaccum cleaner or dusted a shelf, there had always been others who looked after these things. I had never even gone shopping for food. Hard to imagine isn't it?

However, I am here to tell you that this morning I baked bread, made a cake, prepared chicken for canning, and my house has seen a vaccum and duster recently. I made sure my three sons all know how to cook, do simple fix it sewing and how to plug for a vaccum in, I hope they will be good husbands and not wait around expecting someone else to do the work around the house.


Jeni said...

atthrbGrowing up, we always had homemade bread - my Grandma was a very good bread baker. Rarely ever had store bought cakes or cookies either. No I won't say that my kids have led that same type of life, but I much prefer home baked stuff of all types.

I don't bake as much now of cookies, cakes as I used to when my children were all home and though there are 5 in the house who could eat cake, cookies, pie, they aren't big on that like my kids were.

But, I do fairly frequently bake homemade Swedish Limpa Rye which my son-in-law had never had before I made some and he loves it, as do the rest of the family here! And I always bake that for the Annual Bazaar the ladies of our Parish have every November, since the roots for most of the members of our church go back to Sweden, my rye bread and the Swedish flat bread are always big favorites there! If you'd like, I'd be happy to share my Limpa Rye bread recipe as it is delicious!

crpitt said...

I am afraid i rely on my bread machine to make bread. I love cooking but i havent mastered the baking side of cooking yet.