Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No other place to live

Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, which is BC's largest park, is relatively close to us, about 150km away, which is close by our standards because we travel almost that to go shopping. The park is nearly 4,0000 square miles of varied landscapes and terrain. Between the lakes that bound it on the north and the glaciers of 11,590 ft Monarch Mountain, 140 miles to the south, lie towering granite cliffs, deep canyons, meadows and marshes.

Most of the park is unchanged since Alexander Mackenzie camped there on his journey to the Pacific in 1793. Lord Tweedsmuir visited the park in 1937, while serving as the 15th Governor-General of Canada and he wrote "I have now travelled over most of Canada, and have seen many wonderful things, but I have seen nothing more beautiful and more wonderful than the great park which British Columbia has done me the honour to call by my name."

We live in the same type of terrain, with the largest natural lake in British Columbia just down the road. The beaches are a rock hounds paradise, pink granite and green copper stones among many others can be easily found. Snow capped mountains are visible year round, and such a variety of animals and birds. I can echo Lord Tweedsmuir's sentiment when I write that I have travelled to many places, both here in Canada and around the world, but I have yet to find a place where I would rather live.

It is hard for me to think, when I see so much diversity, that mere accident was its cause, rather than God planning it to be so.


Jeni said...

Your description of the area where you live and surrounding terrian really makes me wish I could someday take a nice long trip and visit British Columbia.

Sounds divine!

Vic Grace said...

Thinking of changing locations