Saturday, November 25, 2006

Rape of the wild

Kitasoo legend says that Raven the Creator, went among the bears and turned every tenth bear white to serve as a reminder of a time when the Earth's great glaciers covered the landscape.

In the beginning of time, the world was white with ice and snow. Then the Raven came from heaven and made the world green, as it is today but he wanted to make something to remind himself of the beginning and its whiteness. So on this Island, this special piece of paradise, he went among the black bears and every tenth one he made white. That way he could remember the world as it was. Then the Raven issued a decree: "The white bears would live here forever in peace"

The Kermode bear or Spirit bear is a beautiful white bear that lives in the rain forests of British Columbia. The Kermode bear is not a polar bear, nor is it an albino but a sub species of the black bear. There is a recessive gene which both parents have to have to make the black bear white. There can be a family with white and black bears at the same time!

Logging companies have their eyes on these rain forests with trees that are hundreds of years old and logging has started in some areas, thus threatening this unique bear.

When will we ever stop this rape of the wild?

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Jeni said...

It is, indeed, sad to think that man's priorities and needs must always take precedence over that of the animals.

Or, is this a case of needs and priorities or simply that of money and greed and perhaps ease, of taking what is perceived to be amongst man's needs?

crpitt said...

Hello, me again.
I watched a amazing programme on bears tonight and then i read this post.
A canadian scientist, Charlie Russell, has lived for ten years in Russia (in an amazingly beautiful place!) studying grizzly bears in order to come back to Canada and advise the government on how best to look after these amazing creatures. I wonder if that will make any difference?