Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rushing against nature

The whole of British Columbia is having a storm today. In my little area it has been snowing for about 24 hours on and off. So I have been rushing around this morning like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to get everything done before the power goes. It has already flickered once. We don't usually get power outs but we have had a few this year, up to three days a couple of weeks ago. The snow is very wet and heavy this year, usually it is so light and easy to handle, so when it drops onto the trees they are bending over and touching the power lines. When the electricity people are covering several hundred miles of uninhabited area, in which the power lines are run, in order to find one tree that has caused a power out it takes time to fix. They certainly have my admiration and thanks, they are at it 24/7 until we all have our power back.

So I have bread dough rising, I hope I can get it cooked, I have made a stew so it can simmer on the woodstove if necessary. Skipped vaccuming, did a load of wash, drying will not be a problem and quickly checking my blogs.

I think I am addicted to the computer, I find a nice peaceful feeling coming over me when all the chores are done and I can tinker away on my old Pentium II. I am still running Windows 98, but this computer refuses to give up so I can't really justify getting another one. We can only get dial up out here and they tell me even a new computer isn't going to make the internet any faster. Does anyone know if that is really true? I seem to spend a lot of time waiting around.

Anyway I had better call it a day in case I am suddenly shut down.

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