Thursday, November 23, 2006

School days

This is a picture of my school, Ascot Priory, in Berkshire England. It was an Anglo Catholic convent. After the reformation when England became a protestant country, not acknowledging the Pope, England was no longer Roman Catholic but the state religion was called Anglo Catholic.

The door closest in the picture was the main access into the boarding school, where each term we were dropped off until the next vacation. A place of rejoicing for some, tears for others.

At the end of the walkway was Reverend Mother's office where we would go to line up to receive our weekly pocket money on a Saturday morning. She had a horrid boxer dog that lay at her feet and growled at us all the time. We were all quite intimidated by her. She used to be a showgirl but had become a nun in later life.

Once in a while, a relative would come to take us out for the day. We would have to go in our school uniforms, but we would try to stuff our own clothes in a bag and change behind the trees, and leave our uniform under the big tree to the right.

I did not get to go out very often, but my parents where on leave from Iraq, and they were coming to take me out for the day. I was knitting myself a bright bubble gum pink sweater, with a lot of cable stiches and I had hurried to finish it so I could wear it when they came. I had had to work so hard to finish it that the veins in my hands were swollen, but I completed it in time for the day.

I hid it in my bag in order to change at the end of the driveway and told my parents when they arrived what I planned to do. They wouldn't let me, they were so proud of the uniform they said, and I had to leave my lovely sweater under the tree instead.

Do you have a childhood disappointment you would like to share?


crpitt said...

Hello me again!
I have been thinking about school a lot lately and how much i hated it.
So when i was thinking about your question on whats one of my childhood disappointments, I think it has to be feeling so lonely in school and not knowing that in the future i would be happy and have lots of friends. Thats another reason why i am doing my counselling course now and volunteer work with the beaver scouts.
Ps. Thanks for checking out my blog! I am hoping mine will slowly evolve into one as good as yours.

colorado bob said...

Vic .... You're developing a readership just from the google post, I recognize crpitt from there. Read your penguin post, and thought of one of my bookmarks :

South Pole Station

Colorado Bob

Gene Bach said...

Many years ago, when I was in eighth grade, I was the little skinny kid who was the target of the tougher kids when it came time for someone to get picked on. One of those little beasts was named Scott Hammer (fitting heh?) and he always hung around with a red haired by whos name I do not remember. I was an especially good target for the red haired by. When they would pick on me I would run. That happened over and over and over. Each of those times was a great disappointment.

**Post script note: On the last day of school in the eighth grade, the red haired boy attacked me in class when the teacher stepped out. We seperated before the teacher came back in, but not before agreeing to meet after school to fight. When we met it was discovered that the red haired boy was not as tough as he thought he was, nor I as weak. It took several days before the swelling went down and he could see through his eyes again. However, it took several weeks before the cast came off my right hand, making playing baseball that summer near impossible for me. I had won the battle, it seems, in order to lose the war. LOL!

Oh well, he didn't bug me anymore.