Monday, November 13, 2006


We are about to have another snow storm so I thought I would check out snow on the internet, I found this site which is quite interesting the and photographs are fantastic.

The average snow storm produces about 1 trillion crystals. Yet out of thousands of pictures of snow flakes catalogued, no two are exactly alike. Each flake has 6 points crossing at a 60 degree angle. If one is like a fern it has 6 outpointing leaves; if like a windmill, it has 6 sails; if like a starfish, 6 ribs; or if like a fir tree, 6 stems with plumes set in perfect symmetry. This makes 3 distinct triangles to each flake.

The intricate shape of a single arm is determined by the ever-changing conditions experienced by the crystal as it falls. Because each arm experiences the same conditions, however, the arms tend to look alike. The end result is a large-scale, complex, six-fold symmetric snow crystal. And since snow crystals all follow slightly different paths through the clouds, individual crystals all tend to all look different.

Is this more evidence of a creative designer?

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