Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sparkles in the Air

Today is a little warmer than it has been only -15C. The sun in shining and you can see the air frozen into tiny sparkles. I like to look for the little things and the quiet sounds. Be still and the wilderness will talk to you, will stir your soul.

John Muir said "Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their freshness into you, while cares drop off you like autumn leaves."

The wilderness is fragile, and we must respect this vulnerability if we are to protect the wild animals and the land they live in. Nature writer Fred Bosworth warned us "If we go on as we are, we will destroy in the next 50 years everything that poets have been singing about for the past two thousand."

We have not seen many animals lately, except a small group of moose making its way across our back yard, they must keep moving because the wolves are not far behind. We had several fat grouse sitting in a willow tree close to the deck. They reminded me of the Christmas song about partridges in a pear tree. They had puffed themselves up against the cold and looked like small turkeys sitting on the twig like branches. There are no new tracks in the snow so it seems the animals have moved on for a while.

We enjoyed some 'Indian Candy' that was given to us in fall. That is salmon that has been smoked using brown sugar and maple syrup, it is absolutely delicious. We reasoned that we could do it to trout. I have so much trout that I have started giving it away and I know the fisherman I live with is only waiting for the weather to get a little warmer before he ventures out to catch more. So today we are getting out the smoker and having a try at making our version of 'Indian Candy' with the trout. I wonder if that is still politically correct 'Aboriginal Candy' or 'First Nations Candy', either way it tastes good.

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Gene Bach said...

Things are changing everywhere wildlife-wise. Some are for the better, some are for the worse. I've had that salmon before and it is indeed very tasty. Tell your husband that if he gets into a bind and ends up with too much salmon to eat, and too many trout to catch, I'd be happy to come up and help him "work" on his problems. LOL!