Wednesday, November 08, 2006


While we remember, as we should, those who gave their lives in war, I often think of the others who should also be remembered on Remembrance Day.

The parents, the lovers, the children and friends of those fighting the battles. Waiting, always waiting, and hoping for the safety of their loved one. Waiting for news, ever hopeful that it will be good news, but secretly expecting and dreading the worst.

I think waiting must be one of the most difficult assignments in the time of war. How does one go about ones daily round of chores, wondering if your loved one is alive or dead, wondering if you will have some inner knowing that he or she has passed out of life.

Women mostly have been those that have waited, and reaped the aftermath of the sorrow of war. Does it take a particular strength to be the one left behind? They should be remembered for it.

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