Monday, December 11, 2006

10,000 steps

About a year ago I bought a pedometer, that is a little gadget that you wear that measures how many steps you take, you can get fancy ones but I chose the simpler variety. 10,000 steps is approximately 5 miles, depending on your stride. The idea is you put it on first thing in the morning and by the end of the day, check how many steps you have taken, the goal being 10,000. Apparently the health professionals have decided that is all we really need for basic health.

One would think that is relatively easy but you would be surprised. At this time of year I do not like to go out as the roads are slippery so I walk up and down our mobile home to try to get in the required amount. My husband complains I am going to wear out the wood floors, but I would rather they wear out before I do, or that I am causing a draught as I go by, but he likes to give me a hard time, I am used to it. Of course, Annie our dog, has to lie right in my pathway if she can, so I get the extra advantage of leg lifts as I walk back and forth. Also as I pass my husband's recliner he always tries to make a grab for me, so this is a bonus, as I have to move a little quicker.Broken Walls Ministries - Jonathan Maracle

Sometimes I put on old 50's, 60' rock music and that really helps pick up the pace, I might even do a little dance, but generally make sure no one is watching. One of my favourite music CD's though is one by a group called 'Broken Walls ', a group of Canadian First Nations people who have really great music using some of their native instruments. It is great to move to because of the beat.

I must admit there are times in the summer that I prefer to exercise indoors. A couple of years ago I had a close encounter with a large male bear that put a damper on my walks. I had walked down to the village to pick up the mail, about a 40 minute jaunt, and on the return did not notice the large male until I was about 20ft away. Normally a bear will just disappear into the bush if it sees humans, unless it is a mother bear and you have come between her and her cubs, then watch out. This bear just sat there and looked at me. I knew the worst thing to do was run so I picked up my pace, and praying that I was not emanating fear, which he would be able to smell, I finished my walk and got home safely. But since then I do not particularly enjoy walking off our property, which is fenced.

Last year some friends loaned me a walking machine but I found it quite boring and returned it. I will stick to my laps, it all adds up and at least I am keeping relatively fit. Today I added several trips back and forth to the woodpile to bring in logs for the wood stove, so there was some weight lifting included. I probably will have to do a few more laps this week because we will be going to a big Christmas dinner that is put on in the village on Saturday and I am not planning to eat prudently.


Jeni said...

Although my life now is really very sedintary, about 20 years ago when I was working as a waitress in a fairly large, usually very busy truckstop, I often thought then about getting a pedometer to track how many miles I actually walked/ran every day. I think tracking the amount one walks each day would be neat. I'll be interested to learn how much distance you manage to put on yours with your pacing in your home. Keep us posted!

Gene Bach said...

Is there such a thing as a step bank? I'd need one of those. Some days I easily go over the five mile mark, but other days I do not. I'd like to be able to save up some of the excess and "spend" them on the less active days. LOL!

Karen & Mike said...

nice to find another Cariboo blogger!

crpitt said...

Hey vic,
You get bears i get HOODIES! i think i would rather have a bear.