Friday, December 01, 2006

Culinary Disaster

Today, I had one of my rare, and I say that honestly, rare culinary disasters. I had some left over mashed potato and decided to add a can of mushroom soup to that. If I had left it there it would have been fine. However, I decided it would be a good idea to put a can of trout in it, to make a chowder of sorts.

It was horrid, my valiant husband ate a bowl, but I couldn't. I tried it out on the dog and she really seemed to relish it, so she'll be enjoying it over her biscuits this evening. It made me feel better because I hate to waste food.

I am searching for ideas on how to prepare trout and this was not a better one. I have the smoker going right now and have put some trout in there that was marinated in brown sugar last night and I have been basting it with maple syrup for the last 4 hours. It is almost ready, I hope it tastes better than my trout chowder.

For supper I am cooking something I know, bangers and mash, with a lot of thick onion gravy. Couldn't get more traditionally British than that.

I like just about any food, I guess that makes me what is known as a "foodie". I have learned to make lots of different ethnic foods, and generally enjoy messing around in the kitchen, but I find falling back on the British foods I was raised with always satisfies.

Do you have a favourite food?


Jeni said...

Don't'cha just hate when that happenes? I've made some really wildly weird stuff under the heading of "it sounded good to begin with" stuff as my kids will attest to!

My kids swear that the "Porcupine balls" I made when they were small (and these were from a bonafide recipe though)were so bad that the dog wouldn't even eat them! I didn't think they were that bad - how can one screw up ground beef and rice, shaped into a big round ball and cooked in a brown gravy??

My last major mistake was the pumpkin pie - also a recipe - I made last year where I forgot to put the sugar in the pumpkin mixture! Can you say "ARRRGH-BLAH-BLOP!" Bad, really bad!

Gene Bach said...

That sounds like fire house cooking. Just keep adding stuff until it becomes edible. LOL!

That dish sounds like Mergansers. Many years ago I shot one while hunting ducks and took it home to eat. Man, oh man, was it it BAD! I thought that it was just me so the next time one came by when I was out I shot him and took him home to try again. When the cat turned his nose up at it I swore I'd never shoot another Merganser. LOL! I get shivers just thinking about the taste.

crpitt said...

It made me feel sick when i read this post! Your husband is certainly a trooper.
With my mum being in and out of hospital all the time and my dad working, i slowly evolved into head chef. There have been many disasters along the way (meat frozen in the middle is just one!)
But now i am a rather good cook, well i think so anyway.

As for favourite food,hmmmm? I love soup!

crpitt said...

Forgot to say i love bangers and mash with onion gravy! I had it a couple of days ago. We went a bit posh though and had pork and red leicester sausages, it was lovely