Thursday, December 07, 2006

Love affair

Pretty quiet day today, did not accomplish much except re-organize my blogs and web pages. I have 6 different places I had to update today, so mostly I have the back ache from sitting in front of the computer.

I have a note book in front of me trying to make sure I get everything done correctly. I have always enjoyed working with computers. I started in 1975 when Canadian Pacific Airlines went over to the Pegasus computer system for reservations.

When I first started with the airlines there was no computer system. We took airline reservations on cards and then put them on what looked like a mobile washing line. It then moved round a large room to the front where individuals checked if there were any seats left on the flight in question and then it came back to us so we could call and confirm the flight. It is amazing people got to where they wanted to go.

When we moved over to the Pegasus system it was a major event, the size of the system took an enormous space, but that was when my love affair with computers began. I went on to teach computers, I had a small classroom of nine where I taught DOS, Wordperfect, Windows, Microsoft Publisher, and various other specialized one on one courses.

Later I worked for a hotel and implemented their computer system and took them through the scare of 2000, but nothing happened of course.Now, I still love them but I can only get dial up here so it seems slow, also my old faithful Pentium II and Windows 98 refuses to give up the ghost so I can't justify buying a new one yet.

Maybe the computer fairy will leave me an internet satallite dish a nice new computer.


crpitt said...

Ah so your a certified computer whizz!
Thats why your blog looks so good!
Fingers crossed for new computer!


Jeni said...

I worked around computers back in the 60's when the computer took up the same amount of space as 4 good sized offices on the floor of our building; my job - keypunch operator. That computer room also had to be set at a certain temperature, year round and had to have only a certain amount of humidity in there too.

With about a 20 year gap between working in any type of office, when I returned, it had become the beginning of the "desktop" computer age and since then, I have been struggling to keep up with various software programs. Not mastering any as yet but able to function somewhat in WORD and EXCEL now.

It is truly amazing how computers and their usage has grown and mushroomed off in so many directions as a result, isn't it?