Saturday, December 30, 2006

Magic New Year's Eve of 1955

I was trying to think of other New Year's Eves but only two come to mind. I was almost seven years old and was staying with my grandmother in London, England for the holidays. I slept on a little cot which she had placed by her bed under the window. This particular New Year's Eve it was a very clear night and, while I could hear the grownups talking in the living room, I lay waiting for the magic to happen when the year changed. At midnight the voices stopped but all the church bells started to ring. It was magic, I knelt up in bed and looked out the window at the stars and listened, it went on for a long time, peal after peal ringing in the new year across the roofs of London.

The other time I was a good bit older, about nineteen, I think, and a group of us went up to Trafalgar Square in London to see the New Year in. Traditionally one jumps in the fountains and get a little drunk, we did it all. Since then I have mostly worked through the New Year's holiday or just stayed home as we will this year, probably going to bed before the New Year has even begun.

I have seen a lot of New Year's come and go but none has ever had the magic of the church bells I heard on the dawn of 1955.


Jeni said...

Whether you "celebrate" the departing old year and coming in of the New one, by partying or just going to bed early and welcoming it with the dawn, here's wishing the one ahead is a very Happy One for you and your family. said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR VIC GRACE to you and your Family. I have read your Blog every day since it became a link to my son's Travel Tales and Pictures. I am beginning to feel like you are an old friend. Dot