Monday, December 04, 2006

Make a record of everything

Today I completed the last forms, I hope, for my pension. This one for a meagre amount I might get from Britain.

I have had several forms to fill out over the last few weeks, because I turn 60 in March and want to claim both pensions, Canadian and British.

Be warned

You have to let them know everywhere you have lived and the dates you lived there for the entire 60 years. As well as every place you worked, the address and payroll department. Good grief! I can't remember that postal code of the last place I lived and I lived there thirteen years.

Dates of when your stayed home to look after your children, dates of divorces and remarriage.

What money my husband gets on his pension broken down. I had to declare the £0.98 he gets as a graduated pension from UK and the tiny bit he gets for me £14.30. Presumably that is all it is going to cost him to feed me.

Anyway you younger folk, and not so young, prepare yourselves for the trauma of the Pension Application, it will come to all who read this, I hope, eventually.


Jeni said...

Doesn't it make you wonder about the stuff you have to fill out - and try to remember -for stuff like this? Employment applications that ask for places and dates where you worked, whether you have only worked at a few or a kazillion, trying to remember all the data there, especially when you're older and tend to forget your name or what day of the week it is, make filling these out next to impossible. And, heaven forbid you omit something because that could leave you wide open to charges of falsification of information. EGADS!

crpitt said...

Hey vic, I hate forms!!!!
But one of my friends works for the pension department, so i am wondering if she gets the overseas one? she also has the lovely job of updating the files as and when people die!
not that i am implying you are near death! oh dear that didnt come out at all well!