Thursday, December 28, 2006

Snow collage

The dog is Annie our Maremma sheepdog. She has a large fenced yard to run in that borders the ravine at the back of the property so she can see all the animals come and go but currently the snow is so high that she just walks over the fence and is gone for hours.

That's us on the roof, I am just taking a break and my husband keeps pushing it off the roof for me to push onto the road.

Stop sign in the village, yes we do have one! Our truck.

The last of the turkey was turned into soup today and I canned 12 jars, so we will have Christmas turkey at least once a month until next year. It started snowing again today but only about 3cm or just over an inch. We hope to go to town tomorrow and get a few more groceries to take us over the new year but we will check out the roads on the internet before we venture out.

Don't have much to blog about today so rather than rattle on I'll leave it for now.


Leann said...

boy you do have SNOW!!!the dog is sooo daugthers name is anna.good name.thanks for stopping in on my blog.its always good to read a new person and see a new smiling face.I will pray you get a new roof.god bless you I will stop again.thanks for the pics they are great.


Nice ... Pics Vic.

MMMMMMM Turkey Soup.

Jeni said...

Here's hoping any snow accumulation is of the variety you described today! An inch a day is something that is at least workable!

Love the photo of the dog too! Of course, it brings out the bias in me as I love collie/shepherd type dogs of all types probably the best - next to plain old mutts too. Or cockers, or poodles, or St. Bernards or well, if its a dog, odds are I will love it! I'm not quite as partial to cats but I generally like them well enough too.

crpitt said...

Hey i am back from London.
The Pictures are great! i cant even imagine what its like to have that much snow! As i have literally just got home i am in need of some food, so i am going to defrost some turkey curry i made.
Hopefully i will of put a few more comments on posts later.