Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Snow, ice and creeping old age

It was a beautiful day here today -12C but the sun was shining and I had to wear sunglasses. My husband was on the roof getting the last of the snow off and I was pushing it up to the road. It was hard work, my legs and arms were shaking with fatigue before I could finish. Thankfully my husband is in super shape for nearly 69 and finished it for me. So a metal roof is a must for next year. We have stopped the leaks but a small part of the ceiling around one of the fire alarms is damp. Learning about ice and snow and how it affects things has been an expensive exercise.

As I said my husband is in fantastic shape for his age, I have never seen anyone else who could put in so much work in one day, and that is hard physical work. He seems to thrive on it. When he was a young man in Cheshire, England he biked a lot, several hundred miles a week. He was training for the Tour de France , a well known bicycle race, but at the last moment he couldn't go. He often says those years of hard exercise has paid off now as he approaches old age. Compared to the other men, I see of his age, he is lean and mean and I think he still could take on many of the younger men we see. As for myself I battle to keep my weight within an acceptable range. It is really unfair that women have more fat cells than men. I am still vain enough at nearly 60 to care about my appearance, although I know that the health benefits are really important too. What is the point of looking good and being sick. We are both fortunate in that we have our health, but we are practical enough to realize that at our age things will start breaking down, so we try to plan everything for the future so we can stay independent as long as possible.

That is where the metal roof comes in. We have been talking about it for a while, but the roof we had was good for another 15 years so we thought there was no rush. However, with this huge dump of snow we have had this year and the consequent ice build up it has been hard on the roof. Some of the shingles have been lifted off when the ice was removed. Now we have snow all around the perimeter of our place some of it taller than me and right up to the window ledges. I can hardly imagine it will be gone until August. With a metal roof the snow will slide off so he won't have to get up there and shovel. Also we have to consider a method of removing it from the driveway other than he and I pushing or shoveling it. So I need to win the lottery except I never get around to buying a ticket.


Leann said...

its hard living in a place with alot of snow.but the country is by far the best place to live.hope you can get your roof fixed.I will keep you in my daughter needed siding on her house.Id say we will pray.she would say "mom Ill never be able to afford it."I said how do you know ,it could be done in two years you dont know!!!and it was plus she also got to get the little porch she had aways wanted.the Lord is good.He says "you have not cause you ask not, ask so your joy maybe full.I will pray that the Lord makes a way.God bless.

crpitt said...

Hey, Is it cheeky to ask to see a photo of where you live? I have a lovely image of it in my mind and would love to see if my image matches with reality.
My nephew was upset because yet again we have had no snow this year, so to make it up to him my sister and her husband took him to the dry ski slope for his first go at skiing.

Karen & Mike said...

We're only knee deep! I'll be interested to hear about the roof replacement. Stay warm, minus 25 here this morning.

Jeni said...

We've been very lucky here this year so far - only had about 3-4 inches of accumulation of snow as yet! Knock on wood! Don't even want to think about the probability of a new roof being needed on this house in the distant future, much less in the near future, which will of course, be the case - sooner as opposed to later! The more expensive the work needed will be, the sooner it will come calling to be done you know!

The ice buildups that occur, get up under the shingles and around the spouting and such are really the biggest issues with roofing repairs being needed faster than we think about they should be done. My opinion there anyway!

Fortunately, my son-in-law takes care of any shoveling of snow to clear out our parking area and sidewalks and such. I'd be a dead duck if I were here by myself and had to try to do stuff like that - my back would never handle that stuff now! Hope you don't get slammed with too much more snow and ice before spring rolls around - only 3 more months to go!

Gene Bach said...

Been a strange year here so far with not a spec of snow on the ground as of yet. The mountains all around us are covered, but nothing here. Since I dislike snow anyway, it's been a great winter! LOL!

Get the metal won't be sorry.