Wednesday, January 31, 2007

5 things I have learned

Visiting a new friends blog today Amazing Gracie at Echos of Grace and she challenged us to come up with five lessons we have learned. So here are my five.

1. I don't have to please everyone
2. Tough love is OK
3. Its okay to be an introvert
4. I can say what I think as long as there is love attached
5. All my worrying hasn't changed anything

Apart from that thanks those of you who took time to visit Steve's page and leave a comment. I am cooking a moose roast tonight. I am not sure I like eating moose but it was given to us. I think I prefer looking at them to eating them.

Tomorrow we are driving in to Burns Lake to look at computers. It is sort of a love hate thing, the idea of getting a new computer. I have this old thing set up just dandy and the thought of doing it again doesn't appeal. We are limited here on computer stores (no Mac stores Bob) so I expect I will get one with the new Windows Vista since XP is already 5 years old. I generally hate to get anything Windows that has just come out, but this time maybe I will. I'm taking hubby along as he always says buy it and I always count the pennies and put it off, so if I really want it he won't let me talk myself out of it. I probably won't come home with one, just order it and then take my old one in so I can have stuff transferred. What I am a bit worried about is that my older software won't work on it. I have Quicken which I keep our stuff on but also the local library books. I have a graphics programme and html editor I am fond of but I expect they won't work. Maybe I shouldn't get one, but there again my harddrive is still working and if it goes I can't get stuff transferred. Oh the dilemma!


Sarge Charlie said...

you learned some good stuff

Jeni said...

Vic - I didn't want to go with the Windows Vista and had I gone back to the State College stores (Office Depot, Best Buy and Circuit City)I would have been forced to get the Vista as they aren't carrying anything now that doesn't come with that installed. Considering all the comments I've read about it - including reviews from CNET too - I think I made the best choice to order my computer the way I did. I already got a comment on my blog about my order being for a "last year's model" and such but at least right now, I am satisfied that I got more than enough to fulfill my needs! Just am glad the guy who is putting my unit together will also bring it to the house, do the transfers and setup here too for me! I definitely wouldn't want to try to do that myself. My only worry right now is how to save some of the many e-mail messages I currently have in files on my e-mail program as that isn't something he says can actually be transferred over. (I use Eudora.)
Hope you come back home with good feelings and a computer that will fit all your needs though on order. We can experiment then with the new units together can't we?

Karen & Mike said...

I'm not a fan of moose meat either. We saw a huge, lovely cow moose down the road on Sunday.

I'll be contemplating five things I've learned. Thought provoking for sure.

crpitt said...

Moose meat? i didnt even know you could eat moose! is it like venison?

Leann said...

sounds good.moose meat yummy.I love deer meat.was raised on it.have a good day.

Vic Grace said...

I was not that enamoured of moose roast it was a bit dry especially as I am used to beef blue rare and I was told to cook moose thoroughly. It tasted like overcooked beef with liver overtones I think. But since it was a gift I mustn't look a gift moose in the mouth. LOL

Vic Grace said...

Hi Jeni. I have changed my mind back to XP as I took time to read
reviews also, and the guy at the computer store recommended waiting on Vista
until the bugs are out. I looked into getting a wirefree mouse and
keyboard, a dvd/cd burner and copier, 120gig hardrive and 512ram. 19" LCD
Monitor. The computer guy said even with dial up having a faster
computer will process information so it will be faster on my end of receiving
stuff from the internet than my present computer. So I have yet to
find out what this is all going to cost me. He is sending a quote via
e-mail, I also asked about a 3yr warranty as I have occasion to regret not
having more than a year. It will be fun learning a new computer. I
don't think I have even seen XP. He is going to transfer my old stuff and I
am currently going through and seeing what I don't want to keep
although there will be plenty of room.

Also just a suggestion about the e-mail. Get an account at they give you 5gigs of space. Then forward the emails you want to keep there. It will be hard to fill 5gigs. I have my blog copies sent there as a back up.

Or any of the web mail sites like AIM of Yahoo Hotmail but gives the greatest amount of space and has other perks as well like photo storage organizer and a few others.


Vic ... Here's a story about Moose turd pie :

Click Here

Leann said...

lessens I have learned in life.
1.dont stand to close behind a cow when she is about to cauph.that I learned on the farm.
2.God is a good God.there is no evil in Him.
3.the devil is evil.and there is no good in him.
4.if you cant find a good man your better off is too short to live with someone who doesnt respect and love you.or if you are scared around them.
5.the most important thing I learned is that Jesus loves me like I have never been loved before.and its that love of His that keeps me going when life seems to be falling apart all around me.that one lessen has saved me and my life.
Have a nice day Vic.sorry to hear the moose meat was not so good.O well you live and learn.
I have a story for you.for the next time you get some guestion able food.
there was this paster who lived out in the country next to his church.the people of his church had some good cooks and some bad ones.well every sunday someone would send him home with some food.for his familys sunday meal.
some sundays they would eat good.but some they would have to find some thing else to eat.and they would throw the guestion able food away.well it would have been ok if the people wouldnt ask him the next sunday how his family liked the meal.well the paster didnt want to lie and didnt want to hurt feelings.
so his wife and him had a plan.
1.the guestion able food would get trown in a spot in the backyard.and when the person asked about the meal.the paster would smile and say Boy it really hit the spot.
2.the good food he would eat and tell them.we licked the plate clean.
one day one of his ladys came over and had supper with the they were getting ready to eat one of his kids said mom I dont like this food can I let the dog lick my plate clean or throw it out on the spot where you throw the other food we dont like?
the lady who happened to be the worse cook in the church got up in a huff and stormed out of the house.the jeg was up.