Friday, January 19, 2007

A death in the family (not really)

I checked my email this morning and then turned off the computer and that was it. Computer death. It has been coming but I was hoping the computer would last a while longer. However I have phoned around for quotes and I hope it won't be too long before I have a shiny new one.

I am at the local library and I can use their computers, but I won't be posting every day for a little while, but I still will try and come down fairly frequently.

A special apology to the new readers I have through MyBlogLog, and all of you other lovely people that like to read my bits and pieces.

Anyway apart from the death in the family I have been thinking about turnips. Yes you read that correctly. Now that oranges and other citrus fruit costs are jumping four or five times it is time to look elsewhere for our Vitamin C.

We have been brainwashed folks by the orange producers of America. Yes indeedy, do you know the humble turnip is awash in Vitamin C. You can bake it, mash it, scallop it and even juice it and it has about a third of the calories of an orange. Plus oranges can really be detrimental to anyone suffering from athritis or heartburn, ulcers etc.

I don't know about you but I have seen enough nubile maidens (I use that term loosely) on TV advertisments sporting themselves with a glass of orange juice in hand. You never see a movie or sit com where people eat breakfast without the ubiquitous glass of orange juice. Recently there is one where some guy is inside an orange that comes through a railway tunnel to offer the luscious beverage. Give me a break.

Where have the marketers for the turnip been. Have you ever seen an ad for turnips. Europeans ate turnips for centuries as a staple before the potato arrived. Compared to the potato the turnip is a nutritional powerhouse.

I wonder if in the days when English sailors took limes on their ships to prevent scurvy and thus became known as Limies, if they had taken turnips, would the Australian call us turnipies.


Sarge Charlie said...

I hope you get the computer up again soon,

Limie is good, turnipe just dosen't sing

crpitt said...

Oh no! another thing to add to your list of expenses this year! I hope you get this sorted soon.
Claire aka turnipie

Jeni said...

Vic, I'm beginning to wonder if you shouldn't have been a teacher! You do a great job telling your readers all kinds of interesting stuff. I'd never heard of a turnip being high in Vitamin C! Don't know as I'd like the idea of drinking turnip juice though as I've never been a big turnip fan -one of the very few foods I am NOT fond of!
Since I'm also in the market for a new computer - hope I can get one and set up, etc., before this one croaks on me too -I'd be very interested to learn what kind you end up with and what "goodies" you got on it as well. I'm shopping in the low-to-mid-price range if that's possible to achieve!


Vic ..... Here's the MAC. Refurbish page .... A Good place to look, the turn over here is pretty fast :


Robin - Erithacus rubecula said...

I agree with Jeni, I really enjoy your writing. Somehow the turnip option doesnt ring my bell...whats the next best source of Vit C? Being an Aussie we are pretty spoilt with our choices. In my garden I had most types of citrus trees and an avocado and mango, peach and plum and yet my kids would only eat BOUGHT orange juice. Go figure!
BTW I just looked at your pics - what a gorgeous place you live in.