Friday, January 12, 2007

Down at the library

Tonight I came down to the village to do some work at the local library while it is closed. I was asked to be treasurer three years ago and despite my abysmal lack of knowledge about bookkeeping I said yes not realizing the stretch this would become. Payroll, Financial Statements, Tax Returns, Budgets, to name a few of the things I have had to learn to do all because no one else knew how to use the computer. I had to learn the software too but that was the easy part.

However when I am down here I take advantage of the SPEED. They are on some special hookup with the school board and the system is so fast compared to mine. I can check out things that normally on my Windows 98 and dial up are just too slow. Some of the blogs I like to visit I can't see some of the items that are put up because of dial up being too slow so when I have done my library chores I can spend a little time surfing at light speed.

I often come down with my husband on a Friday night. He captains a dart team and disappears for two hours and I get to work in the library. For a small village of 350 people and 50km from the main highway we don't do so bad. We have a curling rink, a skating rink, a really good small library, a school for about 60 students mostly from the nearby reservation. A hotel that struggles but serves decent coffee, a seniors group that puts on all sorts of things like indoor bowling that my husband goes to on Monday morning, cribbage, quilting and bingo etc. plus all sorts of exercise equipment. Also a 24/7 medical clinic with a nurse practitioner on duty, an ambulance service and a fire brigade. Because I am an antisocial cave dweller I don't go to any of these things but they are there if I wanted to drive down. Right now it is -20C too cold to walk when the wind is blowing. All this because in 1970 a copper mine built this village for its people and in 1998 closed down and moved out.

So I had better get at it and write some cheques


Smalltown RN said...

Hello there...

Why thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. As far a neighbours goes. I only moved here in 2004 but my inlaws and hubby have been here since 1996 and yes we would have been neighbours as we live just off of Horne Lake road. I love it here so much...I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Being a big city girl it took me a little to adjust, but adjust I have and I won't be going back to the mainland any time soon.

Cariboo...holy is cold there right now. That is lovely that you check on the elderly neighbours...that's what neighbours do isn't it? Hope you are working your way around those books...all the best!

Sarge Charlie said...

I really must apologize, this is my first trip to Cariboo Ponderer Land, I just do not know how that happened, I will be adding you to my side bar.

crpitt said...

Feel the need for speed!
The town sounds very nice.helping the elderly neighbours and sorting out the library makes you sound lovely indeed! you are fighting your inner cave hermit!
My dad plays a mean game of darts.

Sarge Charlie said...

My apology, i will correct the name

Jeni said...

Boy, I can really relate to your being happy to get to use the computer and high speed connection too! So far, to my knowledge, high speed isn't available yet where I live - supposed to be coming they say, but when, who knows. My computer too is very slow, rickety (like me) and I am hoping I can find enough money once I get my car problems taken care of to get myself a new computer - at least that much!