Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dripping everywhere

We have had a mild spell yesterday and today +7C which has caused everything to start melting. This is not particularly good because the roads are thawing and freezing overnight and the weight of snow on roofs is dangerous. Luckily the snow on our roof was practically gone because we had cleared it but we decided we should clear the car port also because of the weight. We now have at least 16ft of snow at the back door. I can't imagine that I will see the yard this year especially as that is the north side and doesn't get any sun on it. Tomorrow is meant to be mild and then we dip right down again to -18C. Generally I quite like winter but this one has been a trial.

I took Annie the Dog for a walk this morning, I put on cleats on my shoes but it was treacherous even with cleats. I think she will be missing her early morning walk tomorrow. We didn't have to walk her so much when she was in her pen but since she keeps escaping we have been forced to tie her up, and we hate to do that, so we have been trying to take her out a lot more often. We are bringing her in at night because it seems wrong to us to leave her tied up outside when there are wolves and coyotes about. She hates being in the house in the winter but she spend most of the summer laid out on the cool floor of our spare bathroom.

The big lake has finally frozen over to about a foot thick, and we heard wolves howling as they ran across the ice last night. I don't know how fast it could melt again though with this mild spell. We haven't seen any wildlife much at all in the last few weeks. The snow is so deep a lot of the smaller deer probably will not survive. I suppose it is nature's way of keeping control of populations but it does seem hard.

We heard on the news about two people out walking in the bush a couple of days ago who stumbled over a sleeping grizzly under the snow. It attacked them but they got away with relatively minor injuries. I wonder how many bears around here didn't have time to find a den when the big snow came early. How many bumps might be sleeping bear? Maybe Annie the Dog and I will stay home tomorrow.


Jeni said...

We got enough snow between yesterday and the day before to have maybe roughly 2 inches on the ground at most. Doesn't really seem even like January as this is the most snow we've had all winter! And, I'm not complaining about it either. LOL Just such a switch from the way winter usually is, even here. I think between the ice and potential for wildlife you might accidently stumble upon, it probably would be wiser for you and Annie to curtail the walks a tad.

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh dear, that running into a sleeping grizzly would freak me out to no end!

(Sorry, but being new to your blog recently, I don't know what kind of dog Annie is, but to be sure, if there are wolves and coyotes prowling around at night, I'd want to keep her in also to safe a life....even if it IS uncomfortable for her with heat and all)

Cleats on your shoes for, does that bring back memories of my Colorado Mountain more for me....give me subtropics on the coast. LOL)

Happy Thursday

crpitt said...

I go from being extremely jealous about where you live to somewhat relieved!
I am picturing the dog digging in a big mound of snow only to find a big angry bear!

Claire xx

Marcia said...

Ditto Claire's jealousy and somewhat relieved. We moved from FL to Western Washingon two years ago, totally perfect and different world, but yours is a lot wilder! We have little snow but had 9 inches recently, I learned that ice is in fact slippery. Do those cleats really help?