Friday, January 05, 2007

How about you?

I hold a beast, an angel and a madman in me, and my enquiry is as to their working, and my problem is their subjugation and victory, down throw and upheaval, and my effort is their self-expression. Dylan Thomas
I think I can agree with Dylan Thomas' observation. I have often felt that within me there is the capability to do the most ghastly things given the opportunity. We think that we could never do some of the dreadful things we read about in newspapers, but are we really looking at ourselves truthfully? Yet again, I surprise myself sometimes in my right response to situations, I am always aware of the beast who would rather respond differently. I don't think I am acquainted with the madman within, at least not yet and I hope never.

I am too calculatingly logical, dissecting every thought and whim. Maybe that is madness. I do not operate from emotion, or very infrequently. I often use the Ben Franklin balance sheet in making decisions. In other words the Pros and Cons of any situation and the column that adds to the greater figure wins. I tend to analyse situations, impressions, people and just about everything. Making mental projections of every situation, looking at it from every angle. I put life under a microscope.

Sometimes though, I am stopped by a glorious sunrise, the cry of Canada Geese high in the sky, or the wild song of the wolf and I get a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye for no logical reason at all.

How about you?



The opening of "Saving Private Ryan" ....the scene in the cemetery .

Robin - Erithacus rubecula said...

Found you from a link in Colorado Bob's site....what a wonderful blog you have. I really like that Dylan Thomas quote - havent seen it before.
I will visit regularly..I like blogs that make me ponder the darker reaches of my psyche!!!!!!


crpitt said...

Wow that was a powerful post! I like it. Unfortunately i am not that deep, although i do have my moments.