Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Last night I awoke at 2:30am and was not able to fall asleep again. After tossing for about an hour I got up and wandered around, tried sleeping on the living room sofa, didn't work, so read a book until 4:30am then tried again, sleeping fitfully until about 7:45am. I am dragging around today. I have been having trouble sleeping for a while lately, my husband says I must have a guilty conscience. We moved the bedroom around today and I put some sheets over the windows to try and make it darker and moved a clock that ticked so I hope that will help. I hate to resort to sleeping pills but I feel like I need someone to hit me over the head and put me out of my misery right now.
"I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know?"
Ernest Hemingway

I had a call from a man, who has recently moved into the village today, wanting my help to write a web page for a small business he wants to set up. I told him I am a bit out of touch, but after some conversation I have agreed to go down and see what I can do. It would have been a bit churlish of me to have refused. He is offering to pay me, but I told him let's see if I am going to be any help first. He is aware that to hire a professional could cost thousands of dollars. So I have no idea what the going rate is or what I should ask for, if I can help him that is.

We are going to have some cold weather coming in tonight, about -20C, and this is sweeping over most of B.C. Not that -20C is that unusual for us at this time of year. Don't know if our dog will want to come in, she has made herself a nest under my husband's workshop. He has a fire going in there all day and since the wood stove is on a concrete block the warmth of that creates a little warm spot under it for her, surrounded with high banks of snow she probably is quite cozy.


crpitt said...

Is this a sign of things to come, the computer stuff i mean.
I think its just what you need!

Karen & Mike said...

Wishing you a good night's sleep tonight. Good luck with the webpage project. Very chilly here too!

Jeni said...

Boy, can I relate to the wanting a good night's sleep! I know what my nemesis is though. It's the pain residue left behind from a case of shingles I got back the end of August. Lesions all healed up fine and dandy in the time span my doctor predicted but the under-current pain they leave in their wake - still with me! The strange thing is a lot of time, the really seem to come to life between 11 p.m and 1 a.m.! I don't know if they are perhaps actually members of my Mom's family or what - Mom's family and several of my first cousins and I all suffer from the trait of being "night hawks" you see! Anyway, still dealing with these nasty little things!

drude said...

I always sleep well - but my wife avoids all forms of caffeine after lunch time - she even has warm milk sometimes - and of course she watches rubbish on TV for an hour - that always sends her to the land of nod.