Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jobs coming left right and centre

We didn't really want work when we retired but work keeps coming at us and I am grateful because we have some big needs and wants this year.

New metal roof, ATV with blade to remove snow, new efficient propane heater, finish solarium, new computer with satallite internet connection, just to name the major ones.

My husband has been asked to paint the outside of some rental units and to build a deck for a handicapped man plus help his old partner with a BIG job on Pender Island.

I got the job of writing a relatively small website for a local business man. He had just moved here from another province and he used to collect cottonwood bark and sell it to taxidermists and carvers in the States and he made a good income from it. He intends to start up again here as cottonwood trees are so easy to find. Also he has the patent on some sort of gadget that is put on chimnies to prevent heat loss and on top of that he and his wife do rural real estate sales. These folks are meant to be retired too but they seem to be a very busy pair.

There looks to be a good chance of coming out in the black at the end of this year instead of red, which would not be good. We are blessed in that we owe no one anything. Something few people in North America can say. We own our home, our truck and we do not carry any debts from month to month. We pay everything off.

I have just done the year end figures for the local library. The major problem was that my printer chose that time to stop working, so I had to put the figures on Google Docs and Spreadsheets so the librarian can download them tomorrow. This time of year is busy for me at the library. I have to prepare a budget to present to the village, do the tax receipts and balance sheet and on and on it goes. I have thought of quitting but then I have to find someone to take my place and train them. More work then just keeping on doing it.

I have been working on the computer all afternoon but I just put a chicken in to roast and I am going to sit down and read my book for a change.


Jeni said...

You know that old saying "No rest for the wicked (or some say 'weary') and depending on one's view about retirement, maybe you could sub the word "retired" in there? It's good, I suppose that you both are involved in things that keep you both physically and mentally challenged and active but.....how much is enough and how much is too much, when one is supposed to be retired? If you are still enjoying doing whatever things come along and if it increases your ability to get a few items that could/would put a lot of strain on the old budget, then I guess you've got a good trade-off then, overall. And as to your being able to operate without being in debt, you're probably correct in thinking you're among very few others in all of North America who can say that! KUDOS, for being able to achieve that aspect.

crpitt said...

Its a sign that you are not meant to retire any time soon and become that cave hermit/troll that you sometimes dream of!
You need to get that faster internet connection too!


afetdiaqVic ... There's a lot of stuff about making money on the net, most it is just bunk. But have a look at this lady in South Carolina, she has done something very clever, and it's a business model that is perfect for folks in far away places .

Linda Warner Constanino

Notice her site feeds into her ebay site. She has three sites, all interconnected ..... Very Clever girl that Linda.

Gene Bach said...

So Vic, what's the address of the website you built so we can go check it out?