Monday, January 01, 2007

Lots of company

Although we had no company for Christmas we have had lots today. First around 10:30 a fellow that lives in the village, but works out of town, stopped by for a few minutes. Then I got a call from a couple we had met in Burns Lake about 100km away, could they visit us as they had the day off, so I invited them to lunch and we had a pleasant visit. As soon as they were out of the door I had to get a meal ready for the company we had invited for supper. So for me that is a lot of company. Our dinner company had brought a wine I had never had before. It is the Seda wine that the Jewish people use during Passover. It is really delicious something like a sherry. So I am imbibing while blogging this evening.

The New Year started here with glorious sunshine and it was a truly lovely day. I will be glad when the days start getting longer. I find I sleep in quite late, 8am in the dark mornings of winter, but in summer I am up and about by 5:30am with the birds. I seem to need less sleep in the summer. We are building a solarium where I hope to bring Spring earlier because even if it is -10C outside as long as the sun is shining it will be quite warm inside . I plan to plant bulbs in there and enjoy the spring flowers in March instead of July. I do miss the flowers that were blooming in February, March and April in the lower mainland of BC. Also we are planning to grow a grape inside so the leaves should give a nice shade in the summer. My husband has been buying wood and working on it in his workshop all winter, so all he has to do is put it together when the weather is good. Last year we put all new windows in, and the glass from the old windows will be part of the new solarium. So we anticipate we will have it on this spring and for less than a $1,000. We have a friend who had purchased the kit for one and put it up himself and it cost $30,000. So ours is a lot cheaper. I am thankful for a handy husband.

So this is the start of a new blogging year, I am looking forward to reading what is going on in my friend's lives, and I hope I can write something that will be of interest to others also.


Jeni said...

The Solarium thing sounds really neat and yes indeed, you are very fortunate to have a hubby who is handy about doing things like that. Saves a bundle that way! There was something else in your blog I wanted to comment on but the grandson is screaming almost directly at my ear now and I just lost my train of thought. A very easy thing for me to do most days!

Mousie said...

it must be so nice to be sitting in your solarium...your blog is always so refreshing for me and the photos on the borders, I must come back more often to visit you...I'm like you, sleep more in winter than in summer, I love getting up at dawn in Summer...
I wish you all a very very happy new year
see you

crpitt said...

The Solariam sounds a great idea! I definitely suffer from SAD! seasonal affectiveness disorder. I dont like it when its really hot but i love a nice clear sunny day.