Thursday, January 04, 2007

Moose hair on the carpet

Yesterday I noticed a suspicious small pile on the carpet by the back door, it was brown and furry and I thought it was a dead rat or something equally revolting but on closer inspection found it to be a pile of moose hair. Annie our dog must have had it stuck to her fur when she came in.

I was out to lunch yesterday afternoon and as I walked to the corner of our road to be picked up I noticed a red gash in the snow about 7ft by 3ft covered with hair. When my ride arrived she told me that the village has bits of moose everywhere. Apparently the moose are fleeing into the village because there is a pack of wolves herding and chasing them. One must have been killed the previous night right in the village, but I didn't hear anything. With the deep snow this year the predators are finding it difficult to give chase and wolves are herding animals into areas where they can be killed more easily. The moose on the other hand feel safer in among the buildings. The moose's sense of smell is its most highly developed sense and predators can be detected long before being seen or heard.

Moose hair is hollow. This makes it a great insulator against the cold weather. Hollow hair also helps the moose float better when swimming. The moose need a lot of energy to wade through deep snow, and its long legs keep its body out of the snow. The moose has a four-chambered stomach. The stomach specializes in digesting different food items at different times of the year. The moose prefers woody bushes such as the willow, but the chemistry of the moose's stomach changes to allow easier digestion of green leaf vegetables in the summer.

That has to be intelligent design and I know moose don't have the brains to come up with that. Moose have to be the dimmest of creatures and one of the ugliest but we love to see them come through our backyard however I don't really care for moose hair on the carpet.


crpitt said...

How can anyone compete with moose hair on the carpet! The best i can do is dog c**p on my shoes!
I never knew a moose could be so fascinating! Also scary with the wolves.
Also odd question but do you have any beavers near to you?


Love ya Vic. I remember the first moose I ever saw. My mind didn't register on what it was for a long time, it kept telling me "Horse ? ??? ... No that's not a horse." This went on for quite a few moments before the moose file popped up. He was so black and standing in a small grove of baby aspen trees that were changing color to that gold they have. It was wonderful ... Thanks for the trip.

Jeni said...

I am becoming more and more a firm believer in that old adage "learn something new everyday" and you sure did give a good education today on the Moose! Sure does sound like "intelligent design" to me too!