Monday, January 29, 2007

More winter stories

This week, in our village, a yearling moose wandered into the village and a German Shepherd cross dog chased and attacked it, biting it around the face. The moose was bleeding about the face when our village dog catcher got there, she shot the dog on the spot. The village has no tolerance for harassing of wild life.

In Dawson Creek, many miles east of us in British Columbia, the moose are hanging out in the local shopping centre because the snow has been packed down and they are dining on the trees that line the streets. They feel safer in the town and finding food is easier.

In Stewart a town about 400 miles north of here it was reported on the news this morning that a moose had climbed up a pile of snow and onto a persons roof. I assume the roof must have been fairly flat, but a 1500lb moose on the roof must have been something to see. I wonder how they got it down. One doesn't argue with a moose.

The cougar (mountain lion) is still hanging around the village and our dog is still spooked and staying inside. The dogs in the village are barking a lot, I suppose they all can smell it.



I'm reminded of living in Estes Park, the elk herd near town would come in every night during the winter. Dozens and dozens of them in small groups all over town. One never gets used to them in the shadows grazing and moving in the dark.

I expect your panther is pretty hungry. Sounds like a hard winter.

Glad you liked that cat story, if there's one thing the web needs it's more cat stories.

Jeni said...

WOW - I can't imagine having a 1,500 pound moose on a house roof! Definitely wouldn't or couldn't happen here - thankfully, we've never had snowpacks even near deep enough for someone to crawl up on our sunporch roof, much less above that to the main house roof. Have enough other characters (strange animal types) that try to get in or around the house as it is - bats, mice, chipmunks, squirrels, 'coons and opossums! Occasionally deer in the backyard and once, we even had a black bear out there too. Scared my younger daughter so bad upon sighting the bear that she hurried up and locked the kitchen door! I really don't think old bear was going to come strolling up through the yard, climb the deck steps and know how to turn the knob on the door to open it, but in her mind - better safe than sorry I suppose!

crpitt said...

Another fascinating snippet of your life in cariboo!
you will have to add something like this into tuckersville.
Oh going walking in Wales on saturday or sunday.
My walk