Saturday, January 13, 2007

Must have left my brain down at the library

I have done two really dumb things today and waiting for the third.

1. I have to take certain medications every day and every morning I take them out of their containers into a little bowl and take them after breakfast. I have been doing this for some considerable time. However this morning I started taking them out of their pill containers and dropped them in my coffee. Luckily what's left of my brain kicked in in time for me to only put two of the nasty tasting things in the coffee, but I had to drink them down Ugh.

2. Just now I decided I would make a cup of tea. Usually I use the coffee pot to make tea. But today I filled the kettle and turned it on, then I filled the glass jug of the coffee pot with water but didn't put it in the top to flow through, I then put the tea bag where the coffee usually goes and walked away. I couldn't figure out why my tea was taking so long.

I guess I am not focusing on what I am doing, I hope that is what it is anyway and not creeping senility.

I should probably take a leaf out of Dana's book and be a bit more organized.


crpitt said...

Oh sounds nasty!
If that means your senile, then i am worse than you! i do stuff like that regularly.
Oh went for a hike today where they filmed the dambuster film, i presume you and hubby will know what i am talking about?

Jeni said...

Boy Vic, knowing that Claire is a good bit younger than us, it is comforting to know you - and me too - are not alone when we do something really absentminded! At least it says it isn't that we are senile, in my opinion anyway!

Leann said...

I think we all have days like that.they say when you have a set of car keys and dont know what they are used for then start worrying.if you miss lay those keys now and then its normal.I know dont you just hate the taste of meds.yuck yuck.I had to take potseom I think that is how it is spelt.anyway that stuff is nasty.I told the doc why didnt he just give my skunk spray it tasted almost as bad.he just laughed.sure he didnt have to take the junk.have a good day.God bless


Vic ... Here's what my mom always said :
I you go to the refrigerator , and forget what you wanted ... That's "Old Age"

If you go to the refrigerator , and forget what it's for ..... That's Senile.

Had a little fun with Annie

Sarge Charlie said...

Thanks for stopping by, I corrected your name. Sorry about the loading time, we went to DSL from dialup. Makes all the difference in the world.

Gene Bach said...

I've never been able to swallow pills. I seem to choke on even small ones. Normally I just chew them up.

Trust me...some pills taste a whole worse than others! LOL!