Sunday, January 21, 2007


I really don't know what happened but I am up and running again. What we think happened is that we had a leak which did something to the wiring over the patio window and it zapped the wire to the outlet where I had plugged my surge protector. The part I don't understand is that there was enough power to start the monitor but it kept clicking off. Also my printer lights would come on but it wouldn't start. The actual computer would come on but useless without a monitor.

My husband had been doing some nail hammering on the outside and he thinks he may have broken the wire. How I discovered what happened is I borrowed another monitor and cables and they worked from that socket but there was an awful buzzing and zapping in the wall. I changed surge protectors and put the new cables on my equipment and used another socket and voila everything started as it should.

So no new computer I am afraid. I had a good quote and had gone as far as telling the fellow I would be in on Wednesday to start proceedings but had to phone back. I felt a bit stupid, but I still can't figure what happened. None of the other outlets or lights etc. are affected only that one outlet. So we are not going to touch it until my husband can take the gyp rock off and rewire later. I am a bit concerned that it may be dangerous but he thinks it must be at the end of the wiring since nothing else is affected.

Anyway that is the saga of my computer woes. Darn! If I hadn't tried new cables I could have had a new computer and we would have been none the wiser.

However, I suppose it is to the good since I can't really justify it this year with needing a new roof amongst other things. I will have to wait to get one as much as I would have liked to have a new toy. I phoned around for various quotes and The Source by Circuit City which I think is in the States too, said they could build one while I wait, transfer my stuff from the old hard drive, include a 19" LCD screen for under $1000 including tax. Luckily I have been backing up all the stuff I wanted to keep onto the internet because currently I can only write to 31/2 disks anyway. So that is that crises over.. for now.


crpitt said...

Yeah your back and you didn't have to fork out any spondoolies!
But its a shame you didnt get nice new toy!


Jeni said...

I had checked in about a computer I saw advertised last week at Office Depot, did an online customization, etc., and sent the price spec sheet to a cousin of mine who is pretty on top of computer stuff. He had said it sounded like a good deal then yesterday told me Office Depot has a model almost identical to what I had priced out on sale for $599 so looks like this Thursday my daughter and I may be making a trip to State College and hopefully, coming home with a new unit in tow! Then, just have to figure out how to get it hooked up and everything I want transferred over to the new model too! I'm looking forward to having a computer with lots of storage space and more speed than this unit.

I'm wondering though - can you have two computer units hooked up "together" and use one for storage or some such and the other for other things? Just curious.

Vic Grace said...

Jeni I think you can but you will need a network card installed on your motherboard and I think the two computers can communicate by infra red. But that info may already out of date. However the smallest hard drive you can get now is 80gigs and that is mega space especially if you mostly do text. You can also have a technician transfer your contents from the old hard drive on to the new, or have the old one installed in the new computer as well as the new hard drive a it would be drive E probably and you can get your info from there.
Make sure you get a good warranty. I would prefer if you considered paying a little more and go to a computer store with a repair guy on site. Office Depot sends out is repairs and I am told they wait until they have several computers to send and then you end up waiting for your computer to be fixed a while. Plus it is helpful to have a person to talk to when you need help the staff turnover is so great in places like Office Depot that you will hardly ever see the same person twice and they really are only interested in commission. Often places like Office Depot and Staples and Cosco get their machines cheaper because the components are not up to the quality of a smaller store. However I know like me you don't have a lot of money to throw around so if you still choose to go to Office Depot see if you can get the best warranty you can afford. Have fun I wish I was getting a new one.

Leann said...

I am sorry to hear you were having problems.but be thankful it wasnt what my daughter had a few years ago.they were putting a new porch on and drove a poll in the hit their line to their garoge and now they have no lights in the thing.thank God my son in law didnt end up seeing green lights and have a new heardo!!!I got my new lap top for 600.00 it was a very good buy.take care God bless.

crpitt said...

Me again, i have put some pics up of my latest hikes in the peak district. Wondered if the hubby had been either?

Mike said...

I'm glad you got your pc working again. Wiring can be a pain. PC's can be expensive too. We got Skittles one at Walmart for under 400$ including a 17 inch monitor. Not a bad deal.