Thursday, January 25, 2007

Something's out there

Annie our dog has been acting very strange today. Normally she has a very large fenced area to run in but since we have so much snow she just walks over the fence so we have had to tie her as we received one warning already from the Village Dog Catcher.

I took her for a walk this morning, very gingerly on the packed ice, even with my cleats I was a bit stiff legged, which I know is the worse thing to do as I am more likely to fall, but I can't seem to help it, but we got home without event. My husband took her for a longer outing this afternoon, into the bush and he said she wouldn't go far from him, whereas usually she rushes all over the place. Later when she was out in the front driveway where we have had to tie her she was frantic so I brought here in and calmed her down. She stayed in for a quite a long time and then asked to go out about half an hour ago and just now I heard her whimpering so I checked and she is shaking like a leaf, so I brought here in again. She feels vunerable on that blasted cord and I expect there is a large cat prowling around.

We do get mountain lions here but I have never seen one, although we have seen lynx so it could be that, and they would be no fun to tangle with either. Hunting is getting difficult in the deep snow for the predators, maybe they are coming closer to human habitation to try for easier pickings. Coyotes, wolves and other dogs and even bears she'll tackle but a large cat is another thing altogether.

Our mild spell is over and it drops to -18C tonight and stays below freezing now for a while although we have sunshine forecast every day, but the roads will be deadly until we have a some snow on them for traction.


Leann said...

if your dog is acting like that there is surely some thing coming please be careful.the animals get very hungery when the snow is so high.its hard for them to find food.bears and wolves and big cats stock dogs.they will eat what they can.hope the weather calms down soon.God bless and take care.

Jeni said...

Animals do seem to have a sixth sense about them - don't know if it is like esp or maybe their sense of smell or hearing is really finely tuned that they pick up vibes we don't. I think I'd be ultra cautious too though about letting her out and even taking her out -where I'd venture with her. Protect her, protect yourself as well.

Sarge Charlie said...

Don't feed the wild animals


Vic . FYI :
US woman fights off lion with pen

Jim Hamm is in fair condition after suffering multiple lacerations
A 65-year-old Californian woman has saved the life of her husband, 70, by fighting off an attacking mountain lion with a small log and his pen.

crpitt said...

Oh dear, that gave me a chill!
First i had to worry about your roof, then more snow and now wild beasts stalking the house!
You did say this was a retirement community?

Skittles said...

I bet she does sense something if she's acting that way. Please keep you (and her) safe.


Vic, here's a picture you'll surely love :

Tabby and bear

Vic Grace said...

Loved the bear and cat picture Bob. Hubby and I had a good laugh. I really like cats but I have been afraid to have one here because I thought if would be a target for predators but one like that would be great.