Sunday, February 11, 2007

In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours. Mark Twain

It's snowing again. Not too cold only -5C but I am fed up with snow and the shovelling of it. Mark Twain must have lived up here at some time, his observation about the weather sounds like it. The sun was shining earlier but it snowed anyway. When I lived in Fort St. John it snowed in July. Apparantly the British are having trouble with their little bit of snow, they should try 7ft with drifts of 16ft. When I lived in the south of England, I can't remember ever having snow.

I can remember the awful smogs that were common in London. I would walk to school with a scarf over my faces and when I got there I'd blow my nose and you wouldn't believe the colour of the handkerchief. Your collars were always black and kids were always being told to scrub their necks because of the black rings that would accumulate there and bathtubs would get a black scum around the edge from the dirt that would get on your skin.Now England is much cleaner. My mother died in one of the worst smogs in London in 1954. Thousands of people did.

Unfortunately even here in the pristine north of Canada there are now some advisories about pollution hanging around when the wind is not moving the air. So many use wood for heat that there can be a build up of smoke that doesn't blow away. We heat exclusively with wood that my husband gets for us from the bush. We did get a catalytic wood heater, that is not meant to cause any pollution as it burns all the gases of the wood rather than send it up the chimney.

I probably will get the new computer on Tuesday or Wednesday and it will take awhile to get everything set up again so it might be a day or two before I post again.


Jeni said...

Vic - your grumbling about the snow reminded me of the winter of 1993-94 here. It was my last semester in college, my daughter's senior year in high school and it started snowing -heavily - on January 2nd. And it snowed anywhere from an inch or two up to having a blizzard in March -every day from Jan 2nd till I think it was the beginning of April! Total accumulation in this part of central PA that winter was 113 inches - which is over 9 foot of snow and has to be some kind of record accumulation for this area! My daughter and I got used to watching the early morning tv news to look for school closings -which were many that year - including even the university closing a couple of times too because of the weather and that was virtually unheard of before that winter! Good luck with the new computer! I'll have to e-mail you about my trials and tribulations here with mine!

Karen & Mike said...

I'm getting thoroughly fed up with the snow too, and am trying hard not to complain. I'm starting to get grumpy about it though.

Leann said...

yes new york is having alot of snow to.they have 11 feet and one place set a record of some kind because of all the snow.its now fun with so much.we dont have much this year.guess al together maybe 6 inches.and that isnt much for us.we will have to make it up before the farming starts or the farmers will not hve enough for their crops.
have a good day.hope your back on line soon.God bless.