Sunday, February 25, 2007

Middle of nowhere

How nice it was to check my mail this morning and see all the encouragement. Got quite teary eyed. Thanks again. February is always a bad month for me, especially living in the North. It was the same in Fort St. John (even further north than here) and in Edmonton in Alberta. The winter seems so long. Anyway enough whining let me show you where I live out here in the middle of nowhere.

This is where we are in British Columbia. The middle of nowhere between two large lakes. In the whole of British Columbia there are only 4,310,452 people . Most of the population is clustered in the south around Vancouver and on Vancouver Island.

Our nearest city is BC's northern capital, Prince George is a city of over 77,000 situated at the crossroads of Highway 97 (north-south) and Highway 16 (east-west), and at the confluence of the Fraser and Nechako Rivers. A mere 3 1/2 hours drive to go to any big stores like Staples, or Costco, Zellers etc. if the roads are good that is. There is a university in Prince George and a large hospital which serves the north. Most villages have a medical centre but surgery and major medical issues all end up in Prince George. Although some cases still have to go to Vancouver.

It is hard to imagine the distances, especially if you are reading this from Europe. For us to drive to Vancouver to see our kids it takes about 13hours non-stop. Most of it through unpopulated country, through forest, through semi-desert and finally through the farmland of the lower mainland. British Columbia is 1510 miles or 2431 km long give or take a bit. That is like driving from London to Moscow, and we only live in Central BC. It is a huge province.

We had a call at 7:50am this morning friends who live about 2hours drive away are venturing out to visit us. I was a little alarmed because we haven't been out for two weeks because of the roads and some of my supplies are running low but they will just have to have a lopsided lunch. I warned them about honking the horn at moose as a villager tried that last week and the moose charged his car. Minor damage was done to it before the moose decided the point was made and walked away.

This puppy that we are looking after is wearing us down. Annie the dog has been patience personified even when she walks along with puppy hanging by its teeth from her ear. However today she made is quite clear that her tolerance is beginning to falter and she wanted to stay outside and leave me to look after the pest. It is a dear little thing really but has such high energy and is a chewer and ankle biter as well. Her owner is miserable at training so she has run wild since she got her so now I am counting the days till she returns, next Monday.

Our company has just pulled in so I had better rustle up some lunch. Maybe I can get rid of some trout on them.


Claire said...

Hey vic this is more like it!
But i cant see the picture?

Claire said...

Wow!! it is really is in the middle of nowhere!
How did your impromptu lunch go?

Leann said...

the frist time I stopped your mape wasnt on there.yes you are way out in the wilderness.yummy trout.I love fish.thanks for stopping by.glad you told me about why your blog was started.that is why mine was wasnt my Idia to do it the Lord just talked me into it.I didnt even want a computer.but the Lord had promised me and the hubby one long time back.and when he left I thought the Idia of having one didnt matter any more.but the Lord was ture to his word and soon I had a computer.I have people on mine who arent believers.and they come back.guess its cause the Lord has gotten my butt out of alot of messes. and they enjoy hearing how a messed up person can be helped by the Lord.

the night owl said...

This is my first visit to your blog.I can't picture myself living with the animals and so far away from Wal-Mart!!I only have Racoons;stray cats;Cranes behind my house catching fish in a cove;and plenty of wild birds to watch.I live on the southeast coast of the USA.; and 30 minutes from the Atlantic ocean.I hope you visit my blog and I will return to see you.


Cabin Fever can be a real drag, I've had it before and seen it in others.
Cheer-up, Mud Season is just around the corner. Spring is here almost.

Jeni said...

Yep - you weren't just whistling Dixie when you said you were out in the middle of nowhere! For sure!

Glad to hear you decided to stay with the blog scene too - I'd really miss your entertainment plus the educational features you bring along with your postings!

And, thanks to you too for the suggestion I e-mail my e-mail important stuff to a webmail when I was anticipating the new computer too. It came in handy twice now since my computer was sick yesterday and the cure ended up wiping out my e-mail! LOL

Gene Bach said...

SOmething's weird here. I'm sure I left comments on two posts today on your blog and I don't see either one of them.

You are definitely out in the middle of nowhere. That's that kind of place that would be fun for anyone who likes the outdoors.

Karen & Mike said...

I'm having some difficulty dealing with this winter too. The snow is showing no inclination to leave, and I'm fed up to the teeth with it. I think in the north, February is the longest month of all.

There's very little daily stuff to talk about this time of year. Hang in there, Vic. Soon we'll be able to blog about the coming of spring.

DellaB said...

Hi Vic, you are right- it looks like the middle of nowhere!

Still reading, will add more comment later...

nice to meet you

Anonymous said...

And here I was, thinking that I was the only blogger that was beyond Hope!