Friday, February 09, 2007

New Computer ordered

Here are the details for those who might be interested

Intel Core Duo E6300 1.86 GHz w/2MB
512MB PC4300 DDR2 Memory
250GB SATA Hard Drive
GeForce 7300GS PCI-X w/128MB
Baby G Mini-Tower Case Black
Intergrated 10/100 NIC & Audio
19-1 Card Reader
Logitech Cordeless DT LX710 and Mouse
LCD Samsung SycMaster 19" 920N
Speakers Cyber Acoustics CA-2014
Modem 56K USR Int PCI H/W (OEM)
3.5 Floppy Drive
Kaspersky Anit Virus Personal 6.0 OEM
3 year warranty

$1364 Cad + Tax

I should get it next Wednesday


Jeni said...

Vic - I got mine today - finally! Don't have all my data transferred over though as he ran into difficulty trying to do that. So he set this up so I could use the new one, took the old one to the shop and is going to do the transfer stuff there! Hope he gets all of it pulled out that I want/need! Better give him a call and tell him again -exactly which things I want pulled off ya know!
So - right now I'm just feeling my way around here, trying to get used to where things are, what this or that new thing does, etc. Took me a heck a long time before I found the favorites area and how to add favorites!!! LOL

Sarge Charlie said...

happy computing

Gene Bach said...

It's always nice to get something new isn't it? Hope it works out well.