Monday, February 19, 2007

Planning to be a bitch again

I cleaned up the old computer today, defragged and scanned it and even spruced up the outside and gave it with my old scanner, printer and some software to our aboriginal friend, he seemed quite excited about it. I expect I will be getting a lot of help wanted calls, but it is all in a good cause.

I will be looking after a friend's young dog for the next two weeks. It is a a tiny thing and full of life. I don't quite know how I got myself into it. About a month ago she wanted to take some quilting lessons, 2 hours each week for 4 weeks. So I volunteered to look after it for her. Somehow she must have become confused by my offer because she did not take me up on it, but a couple of days ago informed me that she will be away for 2 weeks at a quilting seminar and thank you for volunteering to look after Muffin. I tried not to look startled.

So now I am puppy proofing the place. This dog has some terrier in it and likes to chew so it is like having a new toddler in the house, so I am checking to see what it is likely to get into. Luckily this pup has turned on Annie the dog's maternal instincts, although she's neutered she should'nt have any should she? She likes to put a paw across its back so it can't move and make sure it is thoroughly washed. I hope she also teaches it good manners because right now it thinks it okay to jump on the furniture and bed, and that's not allowed in my house. I plan to use its time with me wisely and do some serious dog training in the two weeks I have her. My friend has another dog, a lovely stupid big mutt, but she has not really trained it well, and it comes barreling down the driveway to greet you, which I hate, because on the ice I am scared it is going to knock me over. So I will do my best as doggy godmother, so to speak.

In my younger days I planned to write a book about dog training I was going to call it "How to be the Perfect Bitch". The dog training theory is don't expect your dog to come to your level but train it like a mother dog would. People are far to soft on dogs and this is not good for dogs who are a pack animal and they find security in strong leadership. If they don't get it they will try and take over themselves. Sharing your bed is asking for disobedience in a dog, because they interpret that as admission from you that you are on equal standing, so then they try and become the boss. I have forgotten a lot of stuff but some of it is fairly common sense.

I have always had dogs, Taffy the Corgi, Bronwen the Whippet, Elsa the Akita bear dog, Cody the Golden Retriever, Bradley the Labrador Retriever, Bambi the Besenji, and now Annie the Maremma. All so very different in temperament and characteristics.

She arrives at 8am tomorrow so she is probably going to wear me out the first day till she starts to understand that I am boss not she.


Claire said...

I really enjoyed this post, i have never had a dog. Until recently i have never been round them much, but my friend got a chocolate lab and whenever she goes on holiday i look after the house and the dog! Its hard work, as he hasn't been trained that much and taking him for a walk is a nightmare!
Not sure if i would ever want one for myself?

Jeni said...

My kids and I come from a long line of animal lovers and though none of them - or my kids and I -have never had any training in dog training per se, but somehow, we usually managed to have fairly well-behaved animals. My Dad's baby sister on the other hand -now that was definitely a horse of a different color as she spoiled every dog she ever owned!
This past Saturday, my daughter and her fiance and my grandson had a terrible scare with their dogs -they have four. Three of them took off while they were out gathering firewood and were missing from about 8 a.m. until close to 9 p.m. Saturday night. Fortunately, the three were found, safe and sound, but it was a very scary, upsetting time for them -and me too! (Their latest addition is a little pup that is part cocker and maybe miniature collie and just a beautiful little creature that my grandson and I both adore so we were both extremely relieved when all three were found, but especially the baby of the group!