Sunday, February 04, 2007

Violence and fear

Violence and fear from wars and rumors of wars, terrorism, threat of weapons of mass destruction, increasingly devastating earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, etc. dominates much of today's news.

These along with famines and pestilences from newly emerging diseases, such as AIDS, Ebola, new forms of killer influenza and other highly virulent viruses, as well as reemerging infectious diseases of the past, and threats of bio-terrorism threaten to overwhelm our emergency response capabilities and medical facilities around the globe. Is there any end in sight to all the troubles and terror?

As the world's population (now over 6 billion people and doubling every 35-50 years) mushrooms, resources are dwindling and pollution and global warming appear to be on the verge of spiraling out of control beyond the earth's capacity to keep up. With all this it seems that political and religious leaders, vying for power and control for selfish interests are incapable of establishing and sustaining a united effort for solving mankind's problems - essential to the survival of civilization as we know it. And now, as political and religious terrorists are stalking the earth, it seems that the UN, created after World War II as a last hope for mankind, is becoming a dysfunctional organization.

Prophesies written over 1,900 years ago by the apostle John, have been a mystery to the world but in this century things that were not understood and unthinkable are starting to make sense. He wrote about a blood red moon which surely speaks of pollution. A mark on hand or forehead could be a computer chip with all personal information on it, even now being used in some countries.Forests that create oxygen are being destroyed. A third of the oceans poisoned, it doesn't take too much imagination to think of massive oil spills. In the '50's the KonTiki expedition crossed the Pacific and reported seeing great masses of oil floating on the ocean.The hole in the ozone layer is enlarging over the ice caps causing ice to melt this will kill millions of ocean creatures and mammals, the polar bear is already suffering and starting to starve because of the ice melting earlier each year. All Europe coming together unthinkable even 100 years ago. The decline in the use of money, I for one don't bother to use cash anymore.

What are the meanings of these things? Are there any workable solutions? Are they biblical prophecies coming to pass, revelations from God to mankind? Worth thinking about.


Leann said...

Jesus told his followers what to look for so they would know when he would be coming back to get his childern.and he said when we see these things to look up for our redemtion draws near.every thing you were talking about speaks of that time.but one real important one tells us we are very close.Jesus said
"this gospel shell be pearched to all the world and then the end will come.
the end he spoke of was the end of grace.the time when all who would come in to the rapture would be ready.
then there will be a mess like no one on earth has ever seen before.
in a second millions of people will simply vanish off the face of the earth.
and those who were not ready for the rapture will be left behind.
the only tickit one needs is to ask Jesus to be their savoir.
now some people believe this is hog wash.thats ok.some believed the earth was flat to.but it didnt stop it from being round.
I know one day soon the eastern sky will roll away and the Lord will call his childern home.
in the twickling of a eye we will be changed.the dead in christ will raise first.and we who are left will meet him in the air,and we shell live with him forever.
the false religen talked about in the bible is Islam.
last night on fox news they showed a piece on what really goes on in radicl shows me we have welcomed a snake into our own country that wants to kill us and put their flag over the white house.
it scares me to think every one is so passive about this.they are training little boys and girls its ok to hate and kill jews and americans.these were not made up these were real schools and so called churchs.
if you want to see it for your self it was called.
{Radical Islam terror in its own words.}go to fox
it says no man knows the day or the hour of the Lords return only the father does.but Jesus said we could judge the signs of the times.and boy we are seeing it.
I see blogs on all the time with people who were pasters and believers.and they have turned away from the truth.Jesus said that to.that in the end time people would be lovers of themselves.haters of good.evil, none caring,no conscience,murders,and so on.the world is out of contral.the sands of time are running down.and we need to be ready.
I hear people say "they been saying this stuff for hunderds of years and it hasnt happened."and you know it even says they would say that in the bible in the end times.its happening.I hear people mack things I say on blogs about Jesus.they use the F word.they get so heated up by the name of Jesus.its sad.
some people will deny him right up to the day we leave.and a second after all those poeple are gone.the mackers will know they were wrong.but it will be too late.the only way out then will be not taking the mark of the beast.{666}and that will cause undo hardship of those who dont take the mark.they will not be able to buy sell or trade.and they will be put to death.but if they take the mark of the beast they will be able to live for a few years but lose their its wise to be ready now.
its all in revelations if you dont believe me.
I didnt believe it at first eather till I studyed it.
this is how you get born again or saved.
Jesus Im a sinner forgive me,please come into my heart and be my savoir and the Lord of my me to live for you and make something beautiful out of my your name I pray amen.
that is why he came is to save us from our sins.
He died so we could live.He made it possable for us to have the garden walk and talk with the father once more.
sorry so long but it could not be said in less.God bless you and have a nice week.
I put this for those who may not know the truth.what they do with it is up to them.I think you said you knew the truth.thank you for your post it makes others wonder and think.some times we need to hear the real deal.
9 11 did wake the USA up for a while but she has began to sooze again.we need to wake up we arent living in a safe place any more.but then neather is anyone else.there are terrists in every country in the world.

Hootin'Anni said...

Interesting blog. Truly.

And on my Sunday posts, I always try to make a GOOD NEWS post for this reason. Sometimes, I just hafta get away [not ignoring tho] the devastation we humans are causing. Ya know? I have to have ONE day for myself with a 'feel good' blog entry....I chose Sunday.

But you've certainly shed a beaming light on our misjudgement and irratic behaviors.

Jeni said...

It does really make one wonder, doesn't it - all the devastation, fighting, killing, environmental issues and such. The marks on the hands/foreheads - a symbol of the holocaust perhaps? Who knows, but it is indeed food for great thought.

Smalltown RN said...

What a powerful post...and so much of it true. What we have created and brought on ouselves....I truly hope that one day soon we stop smell the coffee and realize this can't continue.

Thank you for such a thought provoking post!!!


I definitely believe in the second coming of Christ and the older I get the more I yearn for it!!! I was raised in the dispensational belief system but I have evolved into the ammellenial school. I am a Christian first and foremost but I am also a Calvinist(Conservative Lutheran, Reformed Presbyterian, Reformed Baptist or Christian Reformed). What truly matters is that one is ready to meet the Lord whether by natural death or at the second coming.
I so agree with you - we have been terrible stewards of this earth!