Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Are we headed for World War 3?

As I poke about on the internet I am listening in on a conversation going on behind me. One is my husband who spent some time in Germany serving in the British army after World War 2, the other is a man who was inducted into the Hitler youth in Germany when he was very young. They are talking about the last war and in the course of conversation expressed their view that we are headed for World War 3.

It does seem inevitable that more and more countries will get drawn into the war against terrorism, and that the world does seem to be in such turmoil. Does it seem to you that we cannot avoid another major conflict?

The awful thing is that most of those (barring terrorists) don't want to fight. They have families and lives that have been interrupted by politicians who can't come to a resolution. My husband said that when he was in Germany he met many people that were caught in World War 2 but didn't want to be there.I have always felt that I could fight to defend my own home and family but I am not interested in fighting for anyone else. However terrorism is a different type of war isn't it? How can people be so lacking in conscious that they attack innocent people?

I am not against war, I think that is rather naive to think mankind can avoid it, but I would have to be personally angry about a situation before I could be caught up in it. Why is it we think we are all getting better as a species, that we are somehow evolving into a higher life form. What rubbish! I think we haven't changed, just our methods have. We are just as primitive and cruel in our ways as the Mongols, Romans, Greeks or Persians, Assyrians and so on. Maybe we don't gut the pregnant women and kill all the boys and men now, but we poison the land, leave bombs behind us to blow up unsuspecting people and use germ warfare. I am not using we, meaning Canadians, Americans or English or any other nationality for that matter, I am saying we meaning the human race.

What a mess the world is in, but I guess it always has been, but now we hear about it all the time on the TV, maybe I will avoid listening to the news it doesn't seem to help. Is ignorance bliss?


surjit said...

Yes Vic Grace, I agree with your views and you have rightly said that ' Is ignorance bliss'?Let the Creator of this world worry about His Creation.Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you wrote as well. We already use 125% of the worlds natural resources and in 2050 we will be using 200%.

I wonder why we don t focus more on renewable sources of energy there isn t a shortage of water wind and sun.

I think avoiding the news sometimes is a very good idea. They don t tend to focus on anything positive.

Jeni said...

With respect to the "human" race becoming more civilized, that's the theory many try to espouse much of the time and in some small respects, maybe we are making a little progress once in a while. But there still exists the thought process that "my way, my form of govt. is better than yours and you SHOULD adopt it NOW or we will HELP you adopt it NOW or ELSE kind of mentality too. What a shame people can't see the forest for the trees - in so many respects too.


I'm a big current events nut, so it's difficult not to watch news but the political stuff starting so soon is driving me crazy! We don't need more than 1 1/2 yrs to sort it out.
With my outlook being similar to yours, man is not going to progress or evolve in his heart. He'll just keep thinking of more sophisticated ways of killing his enemy. And I'll be doggoned if I'll wear a burkha! Shiri'a law is already being given the okay in parts of Germany, of all places! That scares me a heck of a lot more than global warming!
In your last post you mention that you don't have a gun? I'm surprised! Especially with bears wandering about on your grounds. Gee, we're hoping to move where we might spot a bobcat and have a gun!

Anonymous said...

I think the media has done a good job at controlling people by using fear. I believe the meadia has controlled alot its viewers by using alot of good propaganda which keeps people in line and keeps them occupied while governments do all the back door deals. Fear and wonder is a very powerful combination. You can make people do anything if the are afraid. People often fear what they don t understand.

We don t need war and we don t need more guns. Maybe we should be more open minded to other cultures trying to work together and find a common bind. We reap what we sow.