Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Its my birthday

Its my 60th birthday on Thursday. I guess I am definately over the hill now. Can't kid myself any longer about being only middle age. I am an OAP an old age pensioner. I don't think I am quite ready for it mentally but my bank account will like seeing that little (yes it is a bit little) bitty pension going in there each month.

The only picture I have of myself in recent years is the one I have on the blog and that was taken in 1998 so there is a bit more grey and a tad more wrinkles but basically I look the same.

There is a woman in the village that shares the same birthday with me although she is older, thankfully, I couldn't stand a younger woman to spend my first OAP birthday with. Last year I took her out to lunch this year she is taking me. I bought her some flowers and a card today. That is about the extent of my imagination when it comes to gift giving.

I have had a lot of ups and downs in my life but I thank God everyday that He brought me through. It is also International Women's Day so if you are an international woman, enjoy.



You only beat me by three months!!! We're in the same club now, well, almost...I hear everywhere that 60 is the new 50 so we're still young'uns.
Many birthday blessings to you and many, many more to come!!!

Liz said...

Penblwydd hapus, Vic Grace! And many more.

The Overworked Barista said...

Happy sixty years!

Larry said...

Happy 60th. I reach the same milestone in July and don't mind it at all.

Remember it's not the miles on the speedometer, it's the roads you've been over!

Gene Bach said...


Karen & Mike said...

Happy Birthday, Vic! In gerontological terms, you're "young old".

I hope the February blahs are behind you now. I get ridiculously excited about each new thing that emerges from under the snow here.

Enjoy your day.

Claire said...

Oh Happy Birthday, i hope you have a lovely time.
Flowers and a card are a lovely gift.
I am now enjoying international women's day.
Hooray you got the pension sorted from way over there.

Ryan Velting said...

Wow!!! Happy Birthday!

Hope you had a great day!!!

Marcia said...

Happy 60th!! Did you mind terribly sharing it with International Women's Day? Actually, maybe they should be privileged sharing their day with you.

Jeni said...

What's the term for the 60's years - sectegenarian or some such word, isn't it? Welcome to it anyway! It's really all that much different from being in your 50's, even the 40's, 30's and my gosh, can you believe, even the 20's!!! Only difference really is that mentally you THINK you can do things but when you try to do a lot of them, the body says "No way, Jose!" LOL

But, welcome to the club, Kid! It's not really a bad place to camp out for say the next ten years!

Mousie said...

oh dear happy birthday!!!many many returns to the day...I wish you love, peace and sun...I was 60 last December...we're nearly twins!!!
and mind the moose!!!
love from Mousie