Sunday, March 25, 2007

Making changes

I found by using Stat Counter that most people prefer to use a resolution of 1024 x 768 rather than my preference of 1280 x 1024, so when I checked it out on my new monitor I found my template had to have some changes. My coyote and fish were half off the screen. So I had to flip them. I am a bit of a perfectionist about these things. I also had to make changes to a couple other websites. I made a big mistake, and I should know better, in that I prefer to use Firefox2 and I have AdBlock always on, so I forgot when creating one of the sites that I couldn't see a side advertisment that was on it so I had to go back and do some recalculating so that the text could all be seen. I really should know better and I have IE7, Firefox and Opera on my system to check these things, although very few people seem to use Opera. I always used to check Netscape also but hardly anyone seems to use that anymore. I was surprised about the resolution though, I find the small version 1280 x 1024 much easier to read, it seems sharper and you can see more of the screen but the larger 1024x768 was the hands down favourite by over 50% of people viewing, most people still use Internet Explorer but I greatly prefer Firefox, as it has extensions (small programs) that I have found extremely useful. Opera has its advantages too, as I can load a site with no pictures or just the cached ones and read the content and if I choose I can then load the new pictures. This makes dial up much quicker and I have a few favourite blogs that are heavy in pictorial content all the time, so I visit them in this way.

It is interesting to see how many people actually come to the site by using Stat Counter. A person from South Africa, two people from Japan, a person from China, people from the Middle East, several from UK, USA and Canada, and various countries in Europe. It would be so nice if you would stop and just say Hi even if you don't wish to comment or have nothing to say other than Hi. I have a blogging friend at A little piece of me who gives booby prizes to lurkers LOL., But if you really would rather not then don't worry just keep popping in to visit from time to time.


Liz said...

My word, that is very technical! The photos around the edge seem a little less clear to me - but that could just be my tired eyes!

Anonymous said...

I don t know anything about computers. I just hope my messages are received after pressing send. LOL Dave Japan

Gene Bach said...

I'm not too technical Vic...I just get by.

I will say that the last few days I've had HORRIBLE problems with FireFox pausing and acting strange on my home computer. This morning I downloaded Opera and everything is working fine. I doubt that I'll go back to FireFox, and IE is absolute garbage on the home computer too.

Jeni said...

Vic - as computer illiterate as I am, I haven't a clue what you were talking about there resolution this and that. I use a combo of IE6 and Firefox - some things load better for me on firefox, a few others, I like the way IE6 handles them but have never tried Opera.
And sitemeter, I like looking at the stats there, but again, get really confused by them at times. Lurkers welcome but would like them even better too if they just said hello while visiting. No comment almost makes me feeling more like they are "peeping toms" as opposed to simple lurkers. I've had one lurker coming into to view twice now and spending extensive time on my blog too, reading kazillions of post. That one came to my blog through a search for my son's name and our hometown and the lurker is from some place in Europe - designation says Germany, but you can't be sure that is where the person is actually from. Now that one, I wish he/she would ask a question about my son, so we'd know why they're reading up on him! LOL

Claire said...

Hey vic, thinks look a wee bit blurred my end too, do i need to tweak something?
I am a firefox convert it is so much better than IE and when visiting friends and family i download it for them.
Hey Lurkers Comment,even if its just to say hello!