Monday, March 19, 2007

The numbers are in on the snow level

The numbers are in and as of Sunday we have had 14ft 3inches of snow but it has been snowing all day so make that 15ft. That is the official report, I don't know who goes out every day and measures.

I pinched a nerve in my leg somehow on Saturday, it came on very fast so we assume that is what it was. It was extremely painful and I could barely move, so I had been taking pain killers all day Sunday. When I woke this morning it had gone. What was interesting is that an old friend of ours from Vancouver Island, who only calls once in a while (it is a least 9 months since we spoke), called this evening. He said he had had a dream about me Sunday night and that meant, as far as he was concerned, that he had better pray for me, was there a problem. There wasn't any more because the pain I had been in had disappeared.

Apart from that life seems to be on hold. There is nothing much happening although my husband went to play darts on Friday night, while I had the fun of doing the library tax returns! He went to carpet bowling this morning while I tried to master a program I had downloaded. No animals have been sighted except dead deer or moose on the side of the road but we have had several woodpeckers at our suet feeder, a couple of squabbling squirrels on the deck, some chickadees, blue jays and whiskey jacks coming for the sunflower seeds we put out, even a small flock of pine siskins blew in from the coast for a while but are gone now. We are all waiting for Spring.


Jeni said...

WOW! That's a lot of snow! One winter here -I think it was January through March of 1994, the total accumulation during that time span was around twelve foot in all, which for central Penna is a really large accumulation. In all my years, I don't remember ever having that much snow before, or thankfully, since.

Gene Bach said...

That is one large quantity of snow! I hate it when there's 1 foot...I can't imagine 15! LOL!

Liz said...

I used to have a friend who would say, 'God woke me up last night to pray for you.'

I'm afraid God would have to prod me REALLY hard to wake me up in the middle of the night! But i think he knows me well enough now to not even try!