Thursday, March 22, 2007

Repenting of boredom

Yesterday I wrote that my husband and I were getting bored waiting for winter to go.

When I went to bed last night I snuggled down in clean sheets with a full belly, a warm little home, my health, no debts and no threats to my life due to my beliefs or opinions. I have access to books and knowledge and medical help should I need it, and I had a loving husband who has never even raised his voice to me.

As I lay there I felt convicted that I had no right to say I was bored, and that I should be thankful for the ennui that I am currently experiencing. Would I want the opposite?

Looking for somewhere to sleep, trying to keep warm, to wonder what I could find to eat tomorrow. To be hounded because of my religion or political beliefs or to be considered almost less than human because I am female. To be denied education or medical help and to be at the whim and domination of an abusive husband.

Today I decided to be proactive with the tedium and emptied all my kitchen cabinets and wiped them down. Cleaning out drawers and sorting out stuff I don't need to keep. Tomorrow I plan to pull out the stove and fridge and clean behind them. So I am starting spring cleaning early. I usually wait until we stop using the wood stove, as it creates a lot of dust, but if I do it now I will have more time when the snow goes to mess about outside.


jmb said...

It does us good to reflect on our blessings. It puts things in perspective.
Would you like to come to my house and chuck out my stuff that I don't need any more? It seems I can't manage to do it myself, I'm a hoarder.
Spring won't be too long, I hope. First day yesterday. although not in the Cariboo I guess.

Jeni said...

That was a very nice gentle, yet pointed reminder that often we grouse and grump about things that we really shouldn't be complaining about. By comparison to so many others in the world, even when things might seem a little down or unfair or whatever, we really do have, by and large, very good lives we lead. I know when I think about mine in that light, I am truly very, very blessed! Thanks for a good reminder of that!

Gene Bach said...

Hey Vic...don't be bored, and don't be grumpy, come on over to my blog...there's something for you there!


Chia Mimi said...

How could you be bored in such beautiful surroundings!!

Kind regards from The Netherlands.