Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Winter pictures

Our friend that is moving up from one of the lower mainland islands arrived yesterday. He was out with his camera today, amazed at the amount of snow. These are a few of his quick pics.

This is an old shack, looks like there are a pile of mattresses against it doesn't it. It is the snow that came off in one piece of course.

Annie sunbathing on the snow, she just loves this weather. Cold and sunny but when summer comes she is so sensitive to any changes in atmosphere that she lets us know of a thunderstorm coming hours before it will happen. Unfortunately she is terrified of them and we get a lot. The vet thinks she is in physical pain from the atmospheric changes. She hides in our second bathroom most of the summer.

This is our humble home in the wilderness. On the left is the woodshed where we stock about 14 cords of wood that we can get for free from the bush that surrounds us. The carport with our truck and the main building. On the right a solarium is being built on our deck. You can just see Annie sitting on the snow in front of the trellis that is the entrance to the place. We still have lots of snow to go yet, but it is melting slowly.

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Jeni said...

What the hey! I just posted a comment, if looked like it was accepted, then got the message to do the word verification again and as I was doing that, the whole freaking thing disappeared. Go figure! So here goes again.

Love the pics you post and especially the winter sunbather - Annie.
And, did you see that Gene's Blog is the "Blog of the Week" over on Fuel My Blog? I just noticed it today when I hit the vote button on your site!