Monday, May 07, 2007

Busy driving everywhere

Ever since our friend moved up here it seems we have been driving everywhere. Friday we all had to go to the chiropractors which is a 3hr round trip. I went for my neck which is a preventative measure, my husband for his back and our friend for his shoulder. Isn't getting old just great.

Saturday must have had its own busyness but I can't remember what. Old age creeping on again but Sunday we drove into town, 3hrs round trip in the opposite direction this time, to go to church and we were having lunch and the power went out in the whole town due to high winds, so no shopping. We came home to find trees down but we had power.

Today we all made a trip to Prince George that's 7hours driving there and back. My husband has been going crazy with his hearing aids buzzing, so the main reason for the trip to see the specialist. Our friend wanted to buy doors and sinks and stuff like that. I went browsing round the second hand stores and bought a few items.

Tomorrow we all head into town again in the afternoon, the men to the chiropractor and me to shop for groceries.

I think we watched a few hockey games between, ate pizza and generally laughed a lot.

We haven't seen a lot of animals lately, although a moose did accompany us briefly this morning as we drove out. We saw a red-tailed hawk and an owl but other than that not much around right now. The swallows have returned though, we get literally thousands summering here. The snow gets less every day and we have about 6" left and I have high hopes of it all being gone by the weekend.

Tomorrow I am going to buy my ticket on the Greyhound Bus to visit Calgary at the end of May to see two of my boys who have an apartment there and I will stay with them. I am not sure how long I will stay though. The trip takes 19 hours and I like to have several days with them before I return, otherwise it seems like I spent most of the time on the bus. It is a bit of an ordeal, but it is the least expensive way to go and safest for me traveling alone. Unfortunately the route to Calgary is on the infamous 'Highway of Tears' where numerous women have gone missing or murdered. The police have been trying for years to catch this person or persons but as yet have been unable to do so. So I really don't want to drive alone in case I have truck problems and since there are great stretches of road between communities it is unsafe.

Thanks everyone for your comments and when I have a moment I will get around to you all. I know I love it when people take the time and I expect you do to.


latt├ęgirl said...

I don't think I'd ever heard of the "Highway of Tears" before, but I'm going to look it up. I agree, you definitely don't want to be alone on that road!!!

Cicero Sings said...

I hate traveling on the bus but can understand not wanting to drive alone and especially on that stretch though hasn't it been mostly hitch hikers that have been targeted? My husband can't understand it but worst for me is stopping for biffy breaks (and I always need those) ... one feels so vulnerable. Hope you have a good visit with your sons. My brother lives in Calgary.

Jeni said...

Rumors abound around our little village here - in "civilized" central PA (note the quotes around that word -sometimes I question just how darned civilized this area is in some respects) - that there is a bear apparently on the loose off and on within the village limits. I hadn't heard of this till some folks were talking about it at the dinner after church on Sunday but will have to keep my ears tuned in to see if there are any more confirmed reports coming forth. Maybe that's what has been rooting through our garbage cans lately? Who knows!