Friday, May 18, 2007

Drive to Smithers

We had to go to the chiropractor today in Houston and then decided we might as well go on to Smithers. It is so wonderful to see the greening of the trees as we travelled west. We live at 2500 feet and our trees have not started leafing yet. The snow was all gone and in the fields on either side of the highway we could see newborn animals. Lambs, calves and a beautiful little colt skipping about.

The Bulkley river in Houston was very high from the snow melt threatening to go over its banks and over the road. Also in Telkwa where the Morice and Bulkley Rivers meet the water was very wild and high. The picture is taken from Telkwa looking at the Hudson Glacier.

We saw a couple of bear along the road but nothing else. We did a little shopping and drove home. I bought a new floor mop, amazing driving all that way and that is all I got.


Jeni said...

Gosh, your photos are just spectacular! Those mountains, snow-capped and with the lush green before them - just "picture perfect" for sure!

Oh, and I frequently have "bloggers block" - can't you tell when I start out with no real topic of substance? LOL Just add on as I go and hope something develops somewhere along the line.

Franx Budi said...

Wow nice view..Thanks for visiting my blog last time please come again.
So natural..and I think not many people stay in that place..

Anonymous said...

It sure is nice to see your pictures up North I m more motivated to go and take a look next summer.

Wendy said...

WOW - what an amazing area! I'm jealous :)

Your blog caught my attention - I have a search and rescue dog (german shepherd) named Caribou; and my blog is *smiles*